Hangar 360 app for IOS

Has anybody has used Hangar app to create the cool 360 pictures?
The app claims to do the work needed on auto pilot however I was not lucky enough to sucessfully get it to work on its own, I had to manually fly to the required/prefered height, press start and then simply spin the mavic until the % was complete… took about 7 mins if i can remember.
Heres a link of what the result was, however it is missing a section which i think is caused by it not completing on autopilot?
This was my first attempt so it isn’t that great (in terms of focus when zooming) but you can see the bennefit if you can get the app to work correctly.

I was camping this weekend too (albeit in a 20yr old motorhome) :slight_smile: Arranged to meet some friends who were tenting, taught them how to fly a Mavic pro too, they’re hooked already :smiley:

So! Hangar 360…

I’ve had mixed results with this app too. Such a shame, it could be amazing if they spent a bit more time on it (I can’t even login, seriously!?)

My first attempt, the software did everything it should have done, took me off to 91m high (worrying to hand full control over my prized possession to a 3rd party app!) and it took all the photos and came back to land safely. It then sent the photos off to hangar and that’s where it all went wrong. The upload failed 3/4 way through for some reason. I tried the upload again and it said successful, but then the app got stuck in “processing”. I emailed support and they gave me a very automated response about using 4:3 blah blah. A day later the status changed to failed and that was the end of it.

Second attempt, complete success. I did nothing different!

Third was ok too.

Fourth? Well, that failed on upload again. WTF, right?

So yes, it kinda works, seems a bit patchy though, which worries me a lot as it’s in full control of my bird.

Here’s one that did work, over Wigan Flashes: https://viewer.hangar.com/ar3WvWrx

It still worries me though…

Also, what happens if Hangar decide they’ve had enough one day? We lose all our media :frowning:

Apparently Litchi can do all this too, but I don’t know much about it (nor how you store/host it). Perhaps GADC could offer a reliable 360 image hosting service :+1:

Autopilot is also very, very good and made by hangar. Much older and matured into an excellent product. But I’m not sure on there pano as I haven’t used that setting yet. Usually use it for waypoints, focus strategies and zip lines.

Hangar 360 has worked ok for me too. Only recently grabbed the mavic so have only tried it twice. First time: fail. Second time: success.

The first time I activated it, it climbed about half way and then began to toilet bowl so I had to cancel it. Second time it all worked perfectly.

Correct me if I’m wrong but when using Hangar 360, don’t hangar end up owning the rights to the 360 pano?? I don’t like that.

I havn’t looked that much into the ‘rights’ of owning the picture… the app has so much potential its a shame its hit and miss

Yeah I’m pretty sure they do.

If you make a 360 photo with Litchi (or something else) how do you view/share it?

I’ve only had a small problem the first time I used it where it blanked out a section of the pic. Apart from that I’ve had great results !




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Love that second pic @dancarpy :+1:

The Manchester one is excellent. Did you take off from street level or higher up ?