Hangar 360 snowy panorama

Love Hangar 360, well worth a look if you have never played with it, does all the hard work for you and its free


Shame they’ve not developed an Android version.
If they did - I’d grab it!

Was that with a Mavic Pro?

Yes Mavic Pro, the power station is Drax

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Hanger 360 COULD be the ONE and ONLY REASON I get an iOS device for my MP …

//Gives self a stern talking to in disbelief!//


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Is the resulting composite image downloadable for use elsewhere?

No only on the Hangar viewer (or facebook) but the individual photos do stay on your memory card for use in any other stitching programs.

For free it really is very good, I have loads uploaded


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Thanks for the info.

I was thinking of getting litchi to make some pano’s as on an older firmware.

Am I correct in thinking Hanger 360 will allow me to make panoramas without moving to a newer firmware?

It’s worth a try , it won’t work at the same time as DJIGO but you can fly to the location you want then close GO and open Hangar or just fly out using Hangar.

I’ve never had any problems using .700 and now .100-

Litchi is good but I prefer the ease of Hangar


I’ll give it a try. Looks great

Worth a go for a freebie

I had issues with the early version(s) of Hangar360 but the newer versions appear to be rock solid :+1: