Harborough Rocks, Derbyshire - Sunday 16th January

After yesterday’s abject failure, today is looking like a cracking day up our neck of the woods. Anyone up for another bash at meeting up?

(All welcome, of course, just tagging the main participants of yesterday’s thread.)

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Really want to but ran out of get out of jail cards . Got chores to do

I did think some of you may have used up your passes yesterday. :grin:

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Me and Brendan plan to be there at about 1pm.

Would of popped down minus the Nazgul as I did you trick and pinged the motor :man_facepalming:t3: hence new one needed…

But on a serious note my partners Dad is in the hospital and the Doctor has rang this morning to say he thinks he wont make it through the day.

So sorry its a no from me mate…

Well, of course.
All the best.

Well, I just got here and despite it raining its pretty busy with walkers. Another fail.

I’ll give it a few minutes but I’m probably not stopping, I’m afraid. Seems pretty pointless. :frowning:

We just arrived.

Rain has stopped. All walkers are over towards the clay pigeon shoot. Our bit is clear.

A bit of wind, but less than last time.

Too wet for my liking.

And yes, I did notice there was a clay pigeon shoot very close by. That could be fun. :grin:

I’m the end, there’s more pressing things I should be doing.

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We stayed for 2.5 hours in total got through about 10 packs. The rain stopped and didn’t come back. There were some walkers, but not too many.

I’ve got a ton of footage to edit together now.

We did manage a couple of crashes. The worst damage was to the Caddx Peanut mount. But only 3 zip ties and the shroud from the 3 pin connector powering it. That was whilst landing after a great flight.

I lost VTX and control on the hill above the place we were flying from… Brendan found the 5" quad embedded headfirst in some mud.


Hi Richard, whre do you fly from here?

About here:

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Video here: Harborough Rocks Today