Harry Potter

from an earlier photography trip to Scotland, back in October before I purchased my drone…

A visit to the Glenfinnan Visitor Centre to photograph the ‘Harry Potter Viaduct’ - and a gentle reminder from National Trust Scotland…

I would have had to photograph that using a drone :grimacing:

(having taken off from outside of their land of course)


What’s their no dogs sign look like ?

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I’d love to fly my Mini over to that location and then fly my Air2 over to it and take a photo of myself taking a photo of the sign with my drone :rofl: so the resulting photo would be a drone photo of a drone that’s taking a photo of a no drone sign :rofl:


pleased I didn’t find that one…lol

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Potential location for a GADC travelling meet? :sunglasses:


Hi guys I have flown up there last summer you had to pay the £10 fee at the visitor centre I don’t know if that still applies

Sure I read somewhere they’re banned now, not even for £10.

It’s discussed on the thread @Sparkyws linked to.