Has ADS-B been implemented on the DJI Air 2S?

Does anyone know if ADS-B has been implemented on the DJI Air 2S? I have seen various suggestions of “Yes, it’s there” and “No the Air2S doesn’t have it” and I wondered if there was a definitive answer?

I am cautious about assuming it has because other specs on the AIR2S don’t seem too accurate. @IanInLondon posted a review and unboxing, and commented on thinking it should have come with Occusync 3 (or now “O3”) only to find that it was still Occusync 2

Does anyone know please?

My understanding is that the feature is available on the Air 2 dependent on the serial number and can be activated by the third party Drone Hacks. It hasn’t yet been implemented on the 2S but keep checking the DH Bird Map

DH is available at a discount - check the members only section of the GADC forums.

Would you know if this is something they can turn on and off with a firmware upgrade, is the hardware already present?

The Air 2S categorically has it in the UK and it works. I see it flash up occasionally warning me of an approaching plane. :+1:t2:


Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated. I think it could be a very useful function given my excitement last week :frowning: :rage:

Can I assume that you need a live internet connection, something like a mobile phone hotspot to have this running?

Active and working on mine!

Not at all, it works on my DJIFPV with no phone connection

To remember though it only receives not transmits