Has anyone flown at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall?


I saw something on TV this morning that featured Tintagel Castle… it looks like an epic place to fly!

I looked on drone scene… No exclusions and no flight reports.

Searched for Tintagel on here… the odd photo, but that’s it.

I can see that English Heritage look after the site, so I’m probably looking for advice on places where I can TOAL.

Or, an I missing something… Why has no-one flown there?



Never had a drone the last time I visited.

Take off from the beach Ned. It should be crown estate foreshore. Otherwise, walk along the cliff a little.


Well I’ve been tintagel

I walked the Cornish coast path yrs ago took me 3 months and only made to halway 650 miles total mine head to swanage

its just a rock you wanna try necters glen where they reckon king arthers sword was pulled out

but t think you have to pay

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You can view my attachment, this may help… This is from 2019


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Sure, that’s a thing, but if I take off and land from a location they have no control over, then that’s all by the by.


Where would you take off from , I have been looking at google map, I live in Plymouth not too far from Tintagel… I have wondered myself on where to fly from…
There is the Headland Caravan Park nearby.

Hi @Kacey That’s what I was getting at in my original post. Someone suggested the beach…?

I posted late,

Sorry, I missed that. Do you know how those guys would feel about that?

Well there is no beach nearby, but it would not hurt to ask the question…

I have a campervan so if i camped over night , Could ask to fly from their property at certain times like before 9am or after 5pm …

Seems like the beach is private property too.

I was due to go on holiday there last year but cancelled due to the pandemic. I was planning to TOAL from the coastal path just north-east of the EH property, up towards Barras Nose.

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Thanks for that… looking forward to seeing some footage when you get round to it. Looks terrific!

If my holiday goes ahead then I will fly it.

Its not likely though we are supposed to be going on 19th March. if it does not go ahead then its the second time its been cancelled, we were booked same place last week in march last year. (clowance estate cornwall)

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As per the map, the national trust shows what areas they populate…


Tintagel is looked after by English Heritage…

yes I’m looking for a English Heritage map, but the national trust own some areas around Tintagel.

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Dont think there is a map showing exact land boundarys as you find with NT, but this is a handy map of sites

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Yeah, they certainly do, and that was a good link for the NT you sent… I’ve not seen that before.

I am also curious Ned where to go if I choose to unleash the drone, without imposing on their land…

There are a few Drone footages on YouTube that I have watched but they are about 4 years old…

Overtime I think the NT & EH have tightened there belts on drone flying… but there has to be somewhere you can fly your drone from… which I am looking into. :grinning:

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