Has everyone posted an image or video? (Poll inside)

So I look at all the names involved in the very healthy discussion we have on a shit weather day and wonder to myself, who the hell are some of these people?

So my question is, has everyone here shared a photo or video, and if not why not (I spend quite a bit of time here, know a lot of the regulars and love looking at their work, so if you’re not sharing I’m wondering why)

  • Yes I’ve shared with the group
  • No but will get round to doing it
  • Dont intend to

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I confess, I’ve read the thread I think you refer to and also wondered whom a lot of these folks are that have suddenly appeared :thinking:

I do like that there is more activity, and more folks posting.


No idea if Iv shared videos or not lol


Who even are you ?

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I an secure in my identity. I am the one who sounds loudest in my own head.

And no snaps from me today, didn’t want to risk getting any of my cameras drenched and most of the time was spent in trying to get our dog to hurry up and stop playing in the spray.


I’ve commented but not posted a photo or video of the weather, have been too busy fitting new doors in the house.

So not to disappoint here is a random photo of a panda on a plastic rocking horse.



Don’t follow the bad weather thread. Don’t post much as most of my stuff is for my private collection :sunglasses:


I meant in general , not just the weather thread ;o)

I don’t think that posting photos or video of compulsory on this forum, is it? Some people are comfortable doing that, others aren’t. It could be a sense of privacy, or a lack of confidence with technology. Any of those and more. If we are going to tell people “post photos or videos or go somewhere else” then I feel that will be the start of the end for Grey Arrows. Certainly in the past week or so I have kept out of certain conversation here because I have seen them start to turn adversarial. I personally have zero interest in that kind of environment.

I think that most members come here for the sense of camaraderie, and by god we drone enthusiasts need that right now. Others come here looking for help. If they are forced to feel unwelcome because they don’t want to post images or videos that will be a real shame.

Sorry, that’s just how I feel about it.


Noticed also :thinking:

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That wasn’t my intention or the reason for the question.

Seems there are a lot of drone police posts creeping in recently, it would appear the majority of posters involved don’t share media of their ‘always legal, code compliant flights’

The bad weather seems to bring the keyboard warriors out in force.


Couldn’t agree more @milkmanchris - this is absolutely going to put people off.


… actually while I think about it, I may start adding a comment when/if I post media stating that I don’t mind people pointing out if they think I am or have broken the code. I’m only Human so I am going to make the odd mistake. But sometimes the person commenting may have misinterpreted the code and need a little bit of correction themselves. That way we are all better for it.

We can all benefit from each others experiences.

I have to be aware of this sort of thing as well when posting (not here) motorcycle footage from my helmet cam. There’s always someone commenting on my speedo, or what gear I’m in, or how I took a particular corner … on and on. It’s a very double-edged sword posting footage.


I think the person who can put their hand up and say they have never ‘broken’ the code is not entirely telling the truth


If I may, I’d like to give an example of where I would love to take footage / photos but can’t for fear of breaking the code and getting called out on it (maybe that won’t be necessary because I acknowledge the problem). I’m very sorry if I am highjacking your thread. It’s not my intension.

Near where I live there is a casle on the coast, it’s called Broughty Ferry Castle. I would dearly love to make video and photos of this castle because it’s in a great location. But I can’t. Because it’s a tourist attraction and is backed on one side by housing.

I’m not the least bit interested in the housing or the people who live there, but their presence and the accidental photographing or videoing of their houses could land me in trouble.

That’s the rub if you are intent on following the code. But I can also see how someone might be tempted to ignore it because it would be such a great opportinuty. I couldn’t honestly condem them for it and, if truth be told, would be extremely envious.

Sorry again if I dumped on your thread.

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Is it in an NFZ? Are there more than 1000 people there? Can you maintain your 50m distance?

And can you fly when it’s closed? Golden hour morning or evening on lang summer days?


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I’d have to be very careful as it’s a busy zone and forms the approach to Dundee airport.

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I’d say your good to go… just maintain that distance and you’ll be fine. Looks like your the owner on a MPZ so will be no problem. :ok_hand:

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It’s never straightforward. You’re not in the NFZ, you can maintain 50m separation from the structure, but you may be within 150m of a “congested area” due to the recreational use for the playpark and crazy golf (I’m guessing that one’s not too busy at this time of year!) Nobody can genuinely answer whether you are or aren’t, because so far as I can see the definition has never been tested in court.

I wouldn’t worry at all about accidental inclusion of houses in your photo/video, if you are 150m distant from them it is very unlikely anyone could make a case regarding privacy, any more than they can when a manned aircraft takes aerial photos.

Personally, I would fly late or early when few people are around, and from the beach south-east of the castle in order to be as far from the “congested area” as possible.