Hastings/Rye anyone?

Any drone flyers operating around the Hastings or Rye areas fancy meeting up with a drone newbie to fly/discuss?


Hi - i’m local to you. Drop me a message on FB or instagram and I’ll let you know next time I’m flying nearby. This is my most recent video of Rye

Hello - thanks for the reply. I don’t actually do facebook or any other social media; but I think I can manage an email reply! Are weekends best for you? Having watched your YouTube footage, I’ve obviously got a huge amount to learn!

You could just use a Direct Message on here?

Click on @clearairflying’s avatar and then click “Message”.

He should get an email notification even if he doesn’t log in there frequently.

Thanks - trying to muddle my way through this…

Ah. My apologies. I thought you were a paid-up member, and unfortunately Direct Messages aren’t available for those that aren’t.

I thought I was too…will have to check. Probably clicked the wrong button!

Pop over to here if you wish to take full membership. :+1:

Thank you - done. I must have got sidetracked first time around :frowning: