Hatred and funny

I went flying!!! I picked an isolated place, Well, I had to get it out my system lol. An old lady walking her dog walks past me saying “You lot shouldn’t be allowed to have those droning things… its people like you that cause all that trouble like Gatwick…its disgusting”.

Stunned by the venom I carried on, a couple of groups walk by and stop…but this time they laugh and say “had enough of airports the?”, “wasn’t you at Gatwick was it” but they stuck around for half an hour and watched, I explained drone code, geofencing etc… and even guided one gent into buying a Mavic air!!!

It’s not as bad as I thought I thought! Until a crowd of old biddies congregated berating drones, owners and telling me where I can and can’t fly, how disgusting drones are, people like me shouldn’t be allowed to own them and think of all those poor people trying to get to their families for Xmas…

Packed up, went home feeling genuinely shocked. I guess it’ll die down after a while, but I do think it has opened a soap box for the haters and uneducated.


I’m off now for an hours flying first time since dronegate so see how it goes.

Good luck bud!!! mind the pitchforks and torches lol


And it’s always people walking dogs that seem to find bodies. Bloody disgusting how people like them are allowed to go around discovering bodies willy-nilly. They should be banned.

Seriously though, the causal link that some people can draw never ceases to surprise me. 100% of dog bites are caused by dogs so ergo all dogs should be banned?

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last time I had a dog walker have a go at drones, I said politely “sir my drone doesn’t shit all over the countryside like yours” and you’ll never step into it’s shit cos when shit happens I pick it up and take it home. Thanks and have nice day.

It’s very simple.
Carry a press cutting of someone being killed by a car driver.
Then, you ask such people: “Do you have a car?”
And when they confirm that they do, you show them the cutting and suggest they sell their car immediately … because a drone hasn’t killed anyone at Gatwick.

Ask them if they drive a car. Most do. Tell them a relative was killed by someone driving a car, they should all be banned, melted down for scrap, only professional drivers doing it for a living should be allowed to drive, etc etc. Then point out how bloody stupid their statements are.

Took the kids for a walk yesterday along the sea front at Meols. It was dog shit landmines every step of the way.

It’s time to shoot dogs! #UnpopularPossibly? :wink:

Daily Mail readers - pig ignorant f-tards.
I’d say it’s time to cull a-holes with limited IQs.

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Sheeple :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

And 100% of drink driving deaths are done by drink drivers!

No shoot dogs, shoot the owners. We were saying yesterday how many landmines there were after xmas break…then watched as a dick just pretended to not see his dog shite. Missus banned me from talking to him…knows what I’m like :triumph:

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I was joking. :wink:

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We had a great system of culling the idiots via natural selection, called accidental death. (Some highly amusing deaths, that you wouldn’t have thought possible occurred due to the stupid people) Sadly elf n safety his kyboshed all that now. So instead of them being bumped off through accidents of there own making, they are starting to breed. A whole generation of ‘virtue signalling’ coloured wristband wearing stupid children are waiting to be let loose among the general population

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They’re out there now :slightly_smiling_face:… I can hear them breathing… my favourite darwin award was the two security guards in a building who smelt gas, ran around shutting the electric and that off to stop any chance of explosion, they couldnt remember if they had turned something off or not so went back in, couldn’t see the switch so lit a match :grin:

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It’s worse when the dogs got the shits and the dog owners haven’t brought their bloody karcher pressure washers with them .

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You just get those people who are just Ignoramus.