Have anyone found the cure for the .0015 version on DJI Goggles v2?

Annyone annywhere??

Don’t you upgrade then downgrade using drone hacks? Not the paid version, but the free flasher tool?

is this a recent upgrade? i’ve been unwell for couple weeks and not out house so not looked for any upgrades for about 3 weeks? what’s wrong with it?

Recently I was forced into connecting to the DJI Fly app so I could register and bind a motion controller.

So I let the update, V01.03.0000 go ahead, and then registered the motion controller and bound it.

Once complete I used the Drone-Hacks desktop APP to downgrade the firmware to V01.02.0014, and then downgraded again to V01.02,0000.

Reinstalled the FCC, NFZ, and altitude, hacks and all is good with the Universe again.