Hawkesbury, Coventry 05/09/20

Hi all.

@crapflyer and I will be at Hawkesbury disused golf course tomorrow morning around 9:30am, weather permitting.
Everyone welcome.

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Count me in :grinning:

Guys who live in or around Coventry.
There is a meet tomorrow (see above or message for parking places).
Mix of fpv and dji etc. And free goes at fpv! A nice chilled Saturday mornings fun.

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@Vinney @DeanoG60

Would love too but I’m busy this weekend sorry guys, hopefully next time for sure! :+1:t2: I’m off work for a week towards the back end of this month and was planning a golden morning sunrise flight at chesterton windmill if anybody was interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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sorry guys, will be a few weeks at least before im out again. but i wont have far to wak to get there.

In the mean time… how about a sim session?

Watch out for the farmer. A right one, i’ve heard.

Hence the early morning sunrise shot lol I’m also planning to take off outside the gate and fly upto the windmill, so on the public road not his land :+1:t2:

You’ll be good. I walked right to the middle of the field and just took off from there :laughing:

:rofl: there is a no drone sign on the gate and on the little plaque just inside the gate that says no UAV’s without prior consent from the land owner. Such a shame that drones have such a bad reputation that most places are banning them.

Understand. A farmer I knew didn’t mind it cos he wanted an aerial view of his land on video. Depends who it is I suppose

I have thought about looking up the number and asking permission :innocent:. But then my rebellion side says just do it and apologise if caught lol :smiling_imp:

A couple of years ago I rang the number and asked politely.
It was refused, guy said somebody had crashed a quad into a sail and it cost them hundreds to get it repaired properly.
I plan to do it one day, will base myself some way off, had considrerd here:-

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Eugene, this is the video I mentioned which shows the lakes/ponds up the top of Hawkesbury.

BTW after todays fun you need to change your ‘name’

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed. Eugene, your skills are pretty good now.

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Sounds like you guys had fun today, gutted I couldn’t make it. Although I did have a nice day at Draycote water with the good lady :grin:

Took my osmo pocket for a spin lol I was debating sticking the drone up but it was pretty busy and its seven trent so decided against it. Also it was pretty windy (to windy for the more subtle mavic mini, if it wasn’t so windy I’d of 100% stuck the mini in the air lol :grin:)

Drop us another tag next time and hopefully won’t be busy :+1:t2:


Still waiting for Steve’s videos of the perfect wing landing, perfect wing crash, and the dog dive bomb fpv style :laughing:

Now I’m intrigued :rofl:

Thanks for that,

Yes I really enjoyed yesterday but i don’t think I can walk that far too the lakes due to my arthritis in legs and hands,

I videoed the flight from mavic mini a bit gerky trying to turn the gimbal but enjoyed.

Name i don’t know yet, but thanks to all

Well here’s the result of the unscheduled vertical landing, glad it missed the dog :scream_cat:
Props, GPS mount and VTX mount weakened, could have been worse, this frame has proven to be tough.
I reckon it’s failed ESCs they were scheduled for change after a reverse power incident.