Hawkesbury, Coventry 24/10/20 or 25/10/20

Hi all.
The weather may be ok either this Saturday or Sunday morning if anyone can come out to play? Might be a little windy…

I’ll come and play.
:crossed_fingers:for the weather

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Should be able to do either morning weather depending

I’ll be there i hope

Weather looks better for the Sunday…

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Have you got an excuse to come out Sunday morning yet @DeanoG60? :laughing:

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Can’t promise anything sorry guys. :disappointed:

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Hope you can make it Eugene. It’s gunna piss it down tomorrow, so I may have time to make something for you for Sunday…

10am Tomorrow?

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Sorry guys, won’t be making it today
Enjoy and I hope the wind is kind to you

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Will be there in a bit. Just put some packs on charge