Hay Bailing

Bailing Hay before the rain arrives…


The old fashioned way :blush:

Cracking sky in that one Barry :+1:t2:

Hi Rich just messaged you and chance of emailing me I need some info please.

That’s an absolutely stunning photo, Barry. Just stunning! :star_struck: :+1:

(The tractor and bailer is just like the little toy one I had as a kid (yes, I’m a cheucter) that spat out little plastic bails when dragged along.)

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Thanks Joe…I got roped into helping with the bailing at my daughters place so thought why not get the drone up and get a few pictures.


Reminds me of an old Kellogs ad. Great photo.

Thanks Ron

Great photo but makes my bad back come back looking at the guys moving bales. :joy:

Neil your right it is back breaking work but well worth it.

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Dont need no gym if you’re doing that work.

That has got to be the best picture shot I’ve seen in a very long time . ITS STUNNING :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Thanks David the shot came out a lot better than I thought it would.

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@barryb I’m taking that compliment back. I didn’t realise you’d photoshopped a fake sky in to this photo :man_facepalming:

But now I’m wondering… Did you also add a fake sky to your recent Photographic Order of Merit award photo too? :scream:

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Hi Rich
some of the skies I have added using Luminar but not on all images but certainly in the hay bailing ones and the recent order of merit picture. I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t adjust an image using Luminar, Photoshop, or Lightroom plus I wasn’t entering it in a competition so if the order of merit has to go then so be it that’s not a problem. I apologise if I have done something wrong that I shouldn’t have done but will continue to use Luminar, Photoshop, and Lightroom to enhance the images.

I would too mate :+1:t2:

I’m just embarrassed for complimenting you on a fake sky :blush:


Hi Rich

Sorry for any embarrassment I coursed you but it wasn’t intentional, so please don’t take it personal the last thing I want to do is fall out with anyone.


I think that you have blended the sky in very well. The scene has a very nostalgic look about it.

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Thanks Harbrimar

It does make a difference with the sky not being blown out.



Love this shot. Well done