Hayling Island No fly zone?

Hi guys…hope I have the right area to post in !
It is regards to Hayling Island and a no fly zone request from RN ???
Its covering the whole seafront, anyone know about it at all or is it yet another “we are the boss” tactics ?


Found it on here.

It’s no where near any NFZs.


Tired of drones flying over your land, business or home? Our site, which is viewed over 10,000 times a month by prospective drone operators, could help alleviate nuisance drones flying in your area. By adding your own personal “no fly zone” to our map you ensure drone operators using our site think twice before operating.

What the fuck sort of web site is that!?!


Cheers @PingSpike I thought as much but as a new flyer I jusr wanted to get the word from you guys to be sure, guess its reasurance really mate.
Just want to be a good droner…if thats the word lol.

I am looking out the window and thinking what a nice day it is and thinking of going for a fly !

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Seen these sites before, started cropping up about 18months ago
The freedom of the web ! :-1:
As far as I am concerned the CAA NFZ’s govern us and nobody elses !!!
Steve :neutral_face:


Seems they are everywhere on every subject mate, I am a hypnotist and I see websites everyday saying hypnosis is fake, its a con etc which would mean mean we do not have brain waves…perhaps written by the same people lol.

This one is complete and utter misinformation / fake news :confused:

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There are no no-fly zones on Hayling and, looking at https://notaminfo.com there are no NOTAMs for the coming week that would change that status.

Having said that there are the usual sensitive areas marked on Altitude Angel’s drone safety map when zoomed in. These are basically schools, cemeteries and the local nature reserve and the notes read:

" Yellow zones indicate regions where operation of your drone may raise security, privacy or safety concerns. This classification of area or point is likely to be additionally sensitive to privacy concerns. You may have greater obligations to disclose your intended flight over, within or near these areas to any controlling authority or land owner, particularly if you plan to fly with surveillance equipment."

Note that the satellite pictures were taken when the rape crop was ripe in the fields so that some of the yellow areas are not sensitive at all!

The indigenous Islanders have come to terms with the “small hard-shell bird him buzz like bee” and the bold few that may approach you are invariably friendly and will ask you intelligent questions like “was it you at Gatwick” and "don’t you need a licence for that thing?) :slight_smile:

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Well I ventured out to Hayling Island and took off…the video’s I am affraid are not going to be a “proud” lets keep them type but I did get some practise in.

How refreshing it was when a man who I had come to realise had been watching me came over and said "I hope you dont mind but I am going to stick my nose in " yep I thought here we go lol but completely the opposite he was facinated about it and how it worked GPS etc and went away very happy, I fed him some info about CAA GPS registration etc and you never know he may spread the word a little on it…turns out he was 74 years old and had seen them before and never been confident enough to talk to someone about it.


Or the chaps at DJI

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Bunch of twits trying to make some money???

Could be along with the control freak no it alls

I must be reading this wrong . It’s bit like heads I win tails you loose. Why are you condoning a application that will lead to more NFZ.

I think you’re reading it wrong mate.

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If you read from top mate, it was a question I put to the page as to valid etc, advice thats all asa new flyer wanted to be 100% before I flew.

Apologies I must look before I leap.Enjoy the drone world it’s a great hobby or a nice money maker if you go the pifco route. Welcome to the forum.

Done it myself lol are you pfco ? I am quite interested in this.

I just passed the registration for the caa to fly UAVs drones.a word of warning the test is only £9 when I tried the first time to register I ended up on sites to sigh up on line for the princely sum of £68 then £79. make shore you don’t end up paying for a package deal or 3 labele and a plastic name tag, money grabbing c_ _ always some wide guys out there. IV just sighed up with copterz to do the pifco course.I booked a place in Edinburgh for the 2020 enrolment.Im on the hospital list for a new hip so timing for course has to fit around the operation Copterz understands my problem and said to let them know when I’m ready a great company to deal with. Have you registered yet.

Hi mate…just home for a bit !
Yes all done last week flyer id and operators id paid the £9
What the ? what site did you reg on ?
I cant stand the world we live in where 1 human robs another and legal to do so, I believe in faith hope and charity and in helping others.
How much for the pfco ? and hope your op gos ok mate.