HD Panorama


I’ve noticed that the panorama (180 degrees) files my mavic pro spits out are quite small compared with the normal framed jpegs. Like under 1MB. How do I get it to stitch panoramas without losing resolution? Ta!


I’m guessing you’re referring to the panorama image on your phone/tablet? Android or iOS?

But, either way, if you are after maximum resolution, there is no option other than to use the individual images from the SD Card and an image stitching program on your laptop/computer.


Ah, thought as much. Old school! Any particular stitching programmes preferred? (And free! ) and yes, phone running 'droid




On Android, this will help get to a slightly better version on your device, but still not max res. (Relevant to all Mavic Pro panoramas, not just 360s)

That’s over a year old - the app may have changed things a little since then - but at least helps you know where to look.