Hedge End (Hampshire) Sunrise - Mavic 2 Pro


Taking an early morning chance on a gap in this weekends TERRIBLE weather, this was from my first flight with the new Mavic 2 Pro. Thought I had JPG + RAW enabled, but turns out I only got the JPGs back. So this is a highly enhanced JPG!!!


Bumped it over from #media category to #media:photos


Cheers! No idea what I’m doing clearly :slight_smile:


Great photos @Longstride, the Golden Hour Flyer badge is on its way to your profile :smiley:


Sweet! Didnt know there was one of those, but I’m getting quite a collection! Cheers PingSpike!


Very nice. I am in Hedge End, where did you take off from?


The fields at edge of Grange Park.


I live on Grange Park. :+1:t2: In fact I can actually see the roof of our house in the distance of the estate shot!!


Ha ha thats brilliant! Fancy a meet up for a fly around the fields soon if weather holds?


There’s quite a few available!


Some are easy to get, others not so :smiley:


Absolutely. The thing I struggle with most if I am honest is motivation to get out and get the drone up measured equally with knowing where to go. I am working night shifts this week and a bit over Xmas & New Year but hopefully from early next month something can be arranged. As you can guess, I work shifts inc weekends which makes things a bit more difficult when finding time and energy to get out but I am sure we can sort something. :+1:t2:


Well I work from from home 90% of the time so even if on a whim short notice let me know.


Sure, no problem.