Helicopter watching me?

Hi all
Yesterday I went to my flying field for my golden hour flight. However I found there was a football training game going on the same as last Tuesday. I had been wanting to fly through the trees so to pass the time until the players left I found a path which looked good in the woods next to the field. I took a while to find out how to turn on the downward lights on and disable the sensors. I couldn’t see up through the canopy of trees but I could hear the sound of a helicopter approaching. When I switched on the drone and controller the copter moved to a spot directly above me! I waited for about 10 minutes but It didn’t go away.
I remembered that I had briefly lost sight of my m2p the night before when I got blinded by the sunset. I had flown it across the road and was hovering above a NFZ park (albeit deserted) with a police station nearby.
I decided that it would not be a good idea to fly through the woods with that thing above. I packed the m2p away and after I switched off my controller the copter flew off.
Am I going nuts!?
Paranoia or reality?

You are not paranoid. The Drone Police are really out to get you …


Nuts? Possibly. Paranoid, hmmm certainly.
You were probably in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s break it down into rationality.
Helicopters cost a few Bob per hour to keep airborne, they wouldn’t deploy one to watch some bloke wandering through the woods/trees, it’s also an expensive way of watching trees grow.
More than likely they were already plodding about the sky looking out for a miscreant or was on the way back from some other vital operational response, such as collecting the supper for the police station and they detected a heat source in the woods (you) so decided to have a quick shufti in case you were burying a body. I assume you weren’t burying the body, in which case you’ve nothing to worry about, except maybe the voices in your head…lol. Seriously tho…it does tend to make you feel as if you were a criminal knowing they are watching you, even tho you’ve done nothing wrong.


Why not go back this evening… :thinking:


Don’t think you’re going mad, not very likely he was watching you but I wouldn’t attempt a flight with a helicopter anywhere nearby tbh so you did good packing up !

We get locals moaning around here about the police heli flying at night cos it wakes them up- they’re convinced it flies around aimlessly just to annoy them!

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I am


I was going to fly about a meter from the ground between the tree trunks along the path

Just because your paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t out there to get you :alien: :alien: :skull:


You are about to enter a place wher time and space have no meaning. You are about to enter …The Twilight Zone. Du du du du duu du du du duu :scream:


“Norman!?” “Yes Mother?”

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Couple of years ago, the alarm at my neighbours house went off very late at night. It sounds like an air raid siren. I live with my son in law who at that time had just retired from the police. I retired years ago but it still gets the adrenaline going when you hear an alarm. We ran out of the house to our neighbours across the road and climbed over a high gate into his “estate”. We had a look round but although the lights were on there were no signs of any entry so we climbed back over the gate and went home. As we got home, we heard the “thump, thump” of the police helicopter, which proceeded to circle overhead with it’s spotlight on. We waited a few minutes and then realised it might have been looking for US!, so we phoned the control room and as a result, it flew off. Saw our neighbour the day after and told him and he said, you’re not going to believe this “I KNOW, I WAS WATCHING YOU ON MY CCTV AND SAW YOU CLIMBING OVER THE GATE SO RANG THE POLICE” He’d been in the house all the time. WALLY!


Happened to me once in Wales, Black Mountains picking magic mushrooms.

I could’nt believe they would bother to fly a copter over Hay Bluff to catch a few hippy kids tripping :grinning:

After we all ran round in circles trying to escape the police helicopter just flew off northwards. :thinking:

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I live and fly just outside NFZ Salisbury plain. Occasional military HCs always seem to make a B line to me and fly overhead. Middle of nowhere, alone, H on landing pad, possible needing help? Just checking I think. Went to Dorset coast yesterday, private HC, same thing. HC landed in a field next to a hotel around half mile away ( not showing as official landing area). Agreed it can make you a bit paranoid if you let it ! !

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That beats mine

The trouble is, whoever was watching wouldn’t know that or whatever your intentions, did you not file a flight plan…

File a flight plan?

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