Hello all from Nottingham

Hi. I’ve recently purchased a DJI Air 2s. Flown it a few times now. Managed to crash it once so far, fortunately no damage, phew. Was in sport mode and completely overlooked the fact that the avoidance systems were turned off and flew it straight into a grass bank. Important lesson learnt in the early days and one I wont be making again lol. Looking for any great places in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicestershire areas to improve my flying skills and video footage.


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Hi Geoff and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Welcome Geoff to GADC :clap: :clap:

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Hi Geoff and welcome. May I suggest Bennerley Viaduct as one interesting place to fly. Just across the border in Derbyshire :wink::wink:

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Hi Geoff - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello and Welcome to GADC… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you all for your kind welcome messages. Looking forward to posting some great footage as Imy skills and knowledge improve on this drone journey. Thought I would go and try and get some footage at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. Finished up having a very pleasant conversation with the Duchess of Rutland , sorry, her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland, who lives there. They’re are not very keen on drones flying around but she was very friendly and we had quite a long chat. Seems I’ve found myself a new bestie lol. Didn’t want to go upsetting or annoying folk so I made my apologies, returned the drone back and left on the best of terms. Always a best way to conclude what could have been a very awkward situation. Another lesson learnt lol


Go and have a fly around bennerley viaduct near Ilkeston lots of room to practice

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HEY! im on ther boarder of derby and notts so if you ever wanna meet up let me know :slight_smile: but any open feild is your best bet to try fly but make sure you read up the rules where u can and cant fly them :slight_smile:
also downlaod Drone assist to hel;p where you can and cant fly i know Belvoir they down like it but nothing really they can do unless it stopped out the sky on their property :slight_smile:

Another addition to the Nottingham membership.
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I’m in Nottingham too

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@geoffhooper welcome