Hello and questions about drone access in the north Pennines

Hello and thanks for letting me join. I am considering buying a drone and from my research a sub 250g Magic 3 mini pro would seem to be good if expensive…
So the question is how much difficulty is there when flying? I live in the North Pennines and know some very quiet places so I am rather assuming that if an area is very quiet - and not in a no- fly zone I would probably be OK. ( I do lots of hill walking )
What is the Lake District like? I would avoid the popular parts - flying over the summit of Helvellyn on a busy day is likely to attract problems, but anyone with any experience of the more remote and quieter hills? ( Mell Fell, Knott, High St on a quiet day). What about when this is National Trust land that is very remote? I have read the thread).
Currently on holiday in Cornwall which just seems too busy in August.
I don’t enjoy any aggro and I suppose I’m asking am I likely to get any if I stay “low profile”
Thanks in advance


Hi Paul, welcome to the group.
Please share! :grin:

…. I should probably explain that my “other” hobby is Amateur Radio and in particular operating a radio from the summits of hills and mountains https://www.sota.org.uk/ so places like Wildboar Fell and Nine Standards Rigg spring to mind as they are amazing without a drone! Paul

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Welcome once again!

This is on the Yorkshire Dales national Park web site… so, providing you have the landowners permission to fly and follow the code you are good to go!

Drones for recreation

If you fly or own a drone or model aircraft and want to fly it for recreational purposes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park you must:

  • Register your drone with the CAA before you fly (you must have two IDs in place before flying most drones). You can find out more here.
  • Obtain the landowner’s permission. It’s worth knowing that over 98% of land in the Yorkshire Dales National Park is in private ownership.
  • If you are flying for recreational purposes, then you are required to comply with the Drone Code. You can view that here. Guidance is also available on the Dronesafe website.

It’s also worth considering how your activity might disturb other people and wildlife.

Persons operating model aircraft hobby drones weighing less than 20kg are not required to have third party liability insurance. However, the British Model Flying Association provides insurance for its members and it is recommended that you have insurance to cover any accident that may occur when you are flying the drone.

It is unlikely that your household insurance policy would provide cover for drone use and you will therefore need to seek separate insurance cover.

Hi Paul - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Paul, welcome from the Black Country.

I’ll be up there in three weeks time, just outside Kirkby Stephen, so 9 Standards Rigg is a possibility if my knees will stand up to it!

Welcome aboard. With a sub 250g drone you don’t only have to fly remote places, I have been flying my DJI Mini 3 Pro fro Pier Head in Liverpool this morning. Only had positive reactions from everywhere I’ve flown this week.