Hello, anyone else from Peterborough?

Hello All,

I have only started flying recently, and I’m looking for a site to practice flying (I’m doing a PfCO course).

Does anyone know a good spot around Peterborough?


A very belated welcome @endrec :wave:t2:

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It’s never too late to be welcomed. :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for my perfect practice spot.

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Hi i’m also in boro near A1: just got my dji ma2 and finding it hard to find open spaces.
even ferry meadows is a no go area.
I use a field where i live and find it ok but now looking further a field.
How is the PCFO course, got my id etc so may try getting that one to, but most of my flying is for scenery and not close up building and people.

Hi @Skyla,

Ferry Meadows in itself is not an issue in my opinion, however it can be full of people at times, and that can make it problematic. I did fly there a few times when there were not a lot of people around, never been approached by anyone.

The council currently allows the use of drones on areas of our land that are open to the public (except those in the vicinity of power lines and railway tracks) so long as use of the drones does not cause a nuisance and so long as users have regard to other users of the open space.

I could not find any thing specific for Ferry Meadows, so I follow that generic rule, adhere to the Drone Code, and use common sense.

The course is getting along nicely, I need to prepare my Operations Manual before booking an exam, so it will take a few more days or even weeks to get there…

If you look at the ferry meadows website there is a section on unmanned aircraft and model clubs.
Your need to re check this but one field is kept for flying only with Peterborough model club members so maybe using that should be ok. Found this which i might try myself.

Peterborough Model Flying Club is a multi discipline club with flying sites for free flight, control line and radio control. The club make use of Coney Meadow which is just off of the main car park. For further details and contact information visit our clubs page.

Yes, I’m aware of PMFC’s arrangement with Nene Park:

We can now fly at Coney Meadow all year round on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 1 o’clock until dusk and at the Thorpe Meadow site (floods and length of grass permitting) on Mondays and Wednesdays also from 1 o’clock until dusk.

However, in my opinion it does not mean that you can fly anywhere else in the park at any time. In fact, I would treat their site just as any other airfield with limited operating hours.

@Skyla, to see clearly, I asked Nene Park if they allow us to fly there. I got a response from them, unfortunately not the one I was hoping for:

Thank you for your email regarding the use of drones at Nene Park.

We are aware that drones are becoming increasingly popular and that owners in the Peterborough area will be looking for places to fly them. Sadly, due to a number of incidents where drones have been misused in the Park involving staff, visitors and dogs, we have made the decision not to allow them at Nene Park.

We understand that this may be disappointing, but our decision is necessary for the health and safety of our staff and visitors and the protection of our wildlife.


Would be very interesting to find out just how many “drone incidents” there have been compared to incidents that involved dogs. I bet there’s been far more dog related issues and I bet they’re still allowed in the park!

That’s pity all that open space to use and they won’t give you permission to fly, this is where people who try to do the right thing and others will just turn up and fly hoping they won’t get caught.
Of course you could write to the council explaining all this and mention your exam to see what say.
Thinking of taking my A2 c of c but now thinking why bother if no open spaces.

File a FOI request and share the results ?

Of course you could write to the council explaining all this and mention your exam to see what say.

I don’t think that would change anything, as Nene Park is practicaly a private land, Nene Park Traust has been given a 999 year lease on the land.

File a FOI request

Where? The park is looked after a charity, so they don’t have to answer FOI requests. I can ask the police or the council if they know about such incidents, but if the Trust did not report them…

For further reference, I got the link to their website, where they list non-permitted activities:


So, still looking for a place to fly… :man_shrugging:

Loads on YT, I’d just fly it

First I need to remove my operator number from the drone, just to be sure. :smiley:

Now that is breaking the proper rules :wink:

Edit - not a Drone Police post, check out some of my stuff

Now, I think we have an interesting legal situation here.

Nene Park covering approximately 1,063 acres, which
was transferred on a 999-year lease to the Nene Park Trust in September 1988
with the Council holding the freehold. The Council nominates three members to
the Trust’s Management Board.

So, we have this piece of land where the leaseholder does not permit flying drones, but the freeholder does.

Which ruling should I follow? :thinking:

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