Hello from Bolton

Hi fellow droners. Introduced by pingspike . Been droning for a few months P3 now Mavic pro. Been waiting for decent weather (been quite a wait)

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Welcome to the forum. We have another member in Bolton and me in Westhoughton

Welcome Chris
I am also from sunny bolton
Ok I lied it’s not sunny
Maybe a meet up somewhere local for a fly and a chat include the howfner Barry

Hi @Gadgerman and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Our northern contingent grows steadily stronger :smiley:

How are you finding the difference between the two? I came straight in to a Mavic Pro so not tried a Phantom, are you finding them similar in flight operation? Or chalk and cheese??

Alas, like the rest of us, we’re all waiting for the decent weather to arrive :frowning:

Welcome once again Chris :+1:

     I'm always up for a meet . I have only met one other droner locally and he was a stunt flyer .

As for the differences between the P3 and the Mavic ,not that different , the P3 is more cumbersome, slower not as influenced by wind and not as agile but easier to spot at at distance. The biggest difference for me was the remote , the mavic’s is much easier to hold ,lighter and a lot more buttons.
A change of subject is anyone else going on the DJI New Pilot experience on 28th April ?

Is that the same event as this one?

Or is it something different?

If different, please share some more details :smiley:

Not the same event. This one is in milton keynes . New Pilot Experience - DJI for New pilots

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Nice!! I’ll share this in a new thread if you don’t mind?

No problem , the event is in Milton Keynes not Huddersfield , Huddersfield is where the shop sponsoring the event is from


Oh shit, yes, of course. Thanks, will edit!

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How did the event go ?

Not very good. No one from DJI there, dronesdirect sales event. Only 12 people there. Waste of my time and cost me £50 for the priviledge

Was that for petrol because the event was free.

Did you stay for the drone flying? Even though we had to schlep into a muddy field to do it - and it was raining - our group had a it of fun with the Phantom and Mavic Air. I agree that I learnt little or nothing from the talk but the free coffee was good. :slight_smile:

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Yes thats was for the petrol

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