Hello from Bracknell

Hi guys , im a beginner when it comes to drone so be patient with me when asking silly questions, i have a hobby background with racing 1/10 rc electric buggy’s so learning to fly a drone it seams easier to learn. Currently using a SJRC F11 , prefer to crash a cheap one while learning then a £500 or more drone. I seen yesterday the advert for the Mavic 2 …and now I WANT ONEEEEEE lol.

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Hi @Meguinness , and (a proper) welcome to GADC. :+1:

You may be the only one of our members also own an SFJRC F11 … but you are no less welcome for that.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the woods, some of whom I’m sure will come and say Hi.

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Welcome aboard!

Firstly, a Big welcome to GADC , the friendliest place on the internet !.
I certainly would practice ,practice, practice, until you feel that you can handle a Mavic 2.
Not saying its easy, but, the damn thing nearly fly’s itself.
Seriously, as an owner of many DJI drones (including a M2Pro) it’s a great hobby to get into, I was bitten several years ago by the Drone bug.
Do not worry how silly your questions may seem, we all started the same way, and we are here to help, when you need it.

Thanx for the warm welcome ,i have tried to submit the location but it seams not to find Bracknell.

Hmmm - strange - but it has Bracknell Forest.


Doesn’t need to be dead accurate - would that work for you?

Welcome buddy. I’m not far away from you and work near Feltham. Biggest challenge is finding places to fly sufficiently far enough away from Heathrow and surrounding ATZs😵.

Get the Mavic… Throw yourself in at the deep end. Totally different from flying a drone. They are great cameras that happen to fly. If you’re sensible, you’ll have loads of fun (in-between capping yourself) and we’re here to help with Q&A :+1::joy:

Thanx, yes heathrow is a pain …but i been practicing in Englefield Green cricket field …i haven’t had any problems yet …but im sure i will lol i make sure to dont fly over the trees ,as i said im just practicing without headless mode and i seem to doing quite well ,wondering if Swinley Park is off limit to drones

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Nice pic! Keep up the practice… Does pay off :+1:

Takes me back to my old Vision 2 plus days with the infamous curved horizon !,


Welcome. There’s no such thing as a silly question, just silly annswers.
As some have said, practice. I was lucky enough to win some dji kit this month but is till take my others with me when I go for a recreational fly about as they are difficult to fly and in anything above a breeze they are b’stards to land. So I like to keep those skills honed. It’s great that you’ve caught the bug, fly safe and with consideration and this is an awesome hobby. BUT it will empty your bank account.

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Welcome from wokingham. Flight space is a bit limited here and trust parks are a no drone area. You can dive down to Finchampstead ranges or get down the caversham end of the thames just off either scours lane or Ive flown in the thamside just off richfield avenue where the rowing club is but after they have packed up, i have a mv2, mv pro and a phantom 4. If you get stuck just ask. Happy flying

Was there on Saturday. Siren Brewery.

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @Meguinness :wave:t2:

Hello and WELCOME…

Welcome @Meguinness
Don’t think twice about getting a Mavic 2.
I got one just over a week ago and it’s my first experience. It could’t have been any better as it is state of the art. Any open spaces in Bracknell forest?

Surprised you remember :wink:

I never said I remembered. :wink:

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