Hello from Canary Wharf

Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking on here for a couple of weeks now, so just thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Anthony and I’m from London. I’m doing my PhD at Imperial, looking at developing a radar/InSAR system for the DJI M600 Pro for infrastrucutre/geology monitoring. I’m doing my GVC for this.

I also currently use the DJI Air 2S for recreational flying around London (although there is not many places to do so legally) and on the south coast.

It’s nice to see such an active drone community here!


Welcome to GADC Anthony - enjoy the club :+1:

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Hi Anthony and welcome to GADC.

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Hi Anthony & welcome

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Hi guys :smiley:

Hi Ant, fellow Londoner here, but on the north side.

Lucky where you are there’s a few places not too far away. Make sure you check out Drone Scene . Created by GADC too!

Be great to arrange a London meet up at some point…outside of London :smiley:



Yeah, there’s quite a few places near me available thankfully with not too much travel. Do you manage to get out around North London?

A London meetup would be great, but yes, probably best outside of London! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I tend to go an hour north if I’m heading in that direction, or down South into Kent and Surrey.

Richmond has a great little flying field too

Yeah, Richmond Park is great if you can avoid the crowds and the deer!

Hey Anthony, wecome! I’m fairly new here as well.

I also live in London which - as I’ve found out since buying my Air2S - is a nightmare when it comes to flying! Outside of the obvious standard No Fly Zones (NFZs) such as airpots, sporting venues, etc, there’s a whole bunch of Borough-specifc byelaws, some which can be really confusing. Having gone into the weeds a bit on some of them already I was thinking of trying to put together a London Boroughs flying guide.

If you haven’t already found it I’d definitely recommend the flying field at Richmond Park.

Good luck and happy flying :slight_smile:


FRZ ;o)

The NFZ’s are a silly thing invented by DJI, that sometimes bear no resemblance to what they are actually meant to stop people doing


Sorry, yes - FRZ… So many acronyms :sweat_smile:

Ah, nice. What map/app are you seeing the High Risk warning on? I could only see the Airport NFZ.

Sorry, yes - FRZ… So many acronyms :sweat_smile:

Ah, nice. What map/app are you seeing the High Risk warning on? I could only see the Airport NFZ.

Some kind of guide that amalgamates all the bylaws for London or other areas sounds like a good idea. I’ve found several places to fly in and around London (like Wormwood Scrubs, and a few parks/fields scattered around South London), but I’ve had to look up specific locations, timings (days/hours) and restrictions for each of these. I’ve ended up making a list for these locations, but a more comprehensive guide for everyone would be useful.

And yes, Richmond Park is always a nice place to go!

Our very own DroneScene, but then again I would say that.

Always upto date, any suggestions for features are always considered and free tech support too, what’s not to like.

It’s also the only map available with member added places to fly

Use your GADC details to log in for the full features

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Yes, same… a real patchwork of rules and regs. Borough council byelaws can be tricky to track down and understand. Some councils say on their websites that drone flying is prohibited in their parks and open spaces but this isn’t actually backed up in their current byelaws! (interesting case in point: Restrictions on the use of drones throughout the borough of Lewisham - a Freedom of Information request to Lewisham Borough Council - WhatDoTheyKnow).

Ah, ok. Yes, I use the dronescene maps (member-added notes/locations are really useful) and am registered/logged in. I also use https://dronesafe.uk/ as it gives different/additional information sometmes (such as the IDs for specific warnings/areas).