Hello from Chelmsford

New Mavic Pro owner.
Working on understanding the drone inside out and be able to fly it with the view to giving it more stick-
Not so much for flying pleasure but to be able to take good shots and vids.



Welcome to GADC, Joe!

There’s quite a few members from your neck of the woods … and I’m sure some will drop by to say hi very soon.

The Mavic Pro certainly takes great pics/video and, like you, that’s my main reason for buying the MP.

Plenty of helpful/knowledgeable members if you ever need to know, or need help with, anything. So don’t be afraid to ask.

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Welcome Joe, any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Joe welcome to the flying madhouse

Hi joe, also in Chelmsford so May see you flying around

Hello Joe, Welcome to GADC

Hi Joe and welcome, plenty of Essex guys around here

Whereabouts in Chelmsford? I am in Danbury!

Oh, and welcome! :sunglasses:

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Im Margaretting, Rise this weekend so no fly zone :frowning:

Last time i was at Hylands i got moaned at for flying my Mavic… Apparently the event organiser had placed a ban on drones :roll_eyes:

I think in this case it’s fair enough, not sure who would want to go to Rize though… Not V Fest!

Not sure there is anyone there thats important enough for me to take a video of anyway :smile:

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I honestly couldn’t name a single artist :rofl:

Hi Joe
Welcome. Good to have another drone pilot in Essex…

Hi @joe.k - great to have you on board :smiley:

Hi all… thanks for the welcomes . For those who asked where about in Chelmsford … i’m in the Springfield area.
Been flying around the flood plain which is quite boring but i guess a good spot to try out sport mode on MP. Also been close the the water recycling plant or as we know it as … the sewerage plant.
Quickly learnt to keep away from it as there’s a lot of radio interference .
I’m looking at Mersea and Haybridge area for my next flight. Anyone fly out there ?


Only had the Mavic Air for a week, so flying when and where I can, always up for meeting like minded users somewhere

Cheers. I couldn’t wait for the MP2 to come out … but i’m sure i’ll get one sometime .

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Yes - I think there’s a few of us waiting to see how prices pan out. Could be pricey! … certainly on my idiotic pension. I can always stop eating and drinking for a couple of months? Oh - that’s a far too silly idea … hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loving the new avatar Walter White!!!

Er, I mean, @joe.k :+1:

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