Hello from Essex - I'm Ian in London

Hello everyone
I’ve just joined after being invited by Pingspike
Nice to see a UK-based forum!

Some of you may have seen my YouTube videos, most probably the “Dover Incident” where I lost my new Mavic Pro after just 3 weeks of owning it. A hard lesson learned, but lessons learned indeed and I moved on quickly.
I now own a Mavic Pro, a Parrot Mambo fpv andalso the new Mavic Air, which I got primarily to review and test for my YouTube channel.
Like this forum, my aim is to provide a UK-based view on all things drone. We’re seriously under-represented this side of the Atlantic and I’ve tried to build up a number of reviews and tutorial videos to help and / or amuse new and experienced flyers alike.

Despite my profile name, I only work in London now, and live in a fairly nice rural spot in north Essex, where I can happily fly directly out of my garden, which I do regularly!

I’m always after new ideas for videos and always hoping to learn new things. So say hello, on here, on my YT channel or on my website.
I’ve put links to this forum on my video notes and a link on my ‘learn’ page on my website.

Looking forward to making new friends on here, and I invite you to have a look at some of my videos on my YT channel and my website.



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Just to repeat my welcome from a previous post, Ian. It’s great to see a drone YouTuber in GADC. One of the first videos I watched before buying my Mavic Pro was the one where you lost yours on the coast. I still bought one anyway. :smiley:

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Ah yes I watch your Youtube videos. What I’m always thinking when watching them is oh what a nice Garden he has. ;0)


Hi I’m Clint from West Sussex.

I’ve been flying for a few years now, love my Phantom and Mavic. I enjoy scenic aerial photography and filming for myself.

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Hi Ian.

Spoke to you on YouTube not long ago about one of your videos.

Great to have you on the forum.

Thanks Callum! Great to be aboard!



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Hi there, welcome.

Seen a lot of your videos, I work in London as well.

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Howdy Creaky :slight_smile:

Hi @ianinlondon and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I was born in London (south of the river) but now live about 250 miles north :roll_eyes:

Yes indeed, quite a few of us here on GADC have seen your Dover vid :cry:

Please do add your YouTube channel to the list: Member YouTube & Vimeo Channels :+1:

Very kind of you, thanks :smiley: