Hello from Forfar

Hi Everyone my name is Bill, I am very new to drones having just purchased my first drone. I am itching to try it out but…the weather here is abysmal :frowning: Hopefully I will be able to have a test flight next week sometime :slight_smile:

My main reason for buying a drone is to compliment my passion for photography. I am always looking for new angles :slight_smile:

Anyway I hope you are all obeying the rules wherever you live and staying safe :slight_smile:


Hi Bill and welcome to GADC.

Ah you’re another one of those buggers that live in perfect drone country huh? Look forwards to seeing you post some beautifully scenic photos of Scotland. I’m not jealous at all, honest :grin:
Welcome to GADC. Hope you manage to get out soon and give it a go. When I first got my drone (which wasn’t that long ago) the weather was awful too. Its horrible waiting to get out there for your first flight.

Hi Bill and welcome to GADC :+1:t2: :grinning:

Hi and welcome to the group… someone else who lives where I would love to be flying :grinning:

Welcome Bill :ok_hand:
What drone do you have ? Believe me I’m sure we are all grounded and itching because of this weather :grinning: I’m cikoy from rainy Blackpool :grinning:

Howdo Bill, originally from Forfar myself but live a little further north now. Its been continual downpour here too, hopefully stops sometime soon or I’ll need an Ark.
Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Welcome Bill, really heavy rain in Aberdeen as well. Was supposed to brighten up today so I charged my batteries (again) only to waken to more rain. Hope you get a chance later for first flight. Guys on here are great source of info and are clearly passionate about droning and photography. Enjoy.

Hi Cikoy, I have a Holy Stone HS270 4K and am really desperate to try it out :slight_smile: It has been a lot of years since I visited Blackpool but I have fond memories of the discos and clubs. I couldn’t stand the crowds or the current dance music thump, thump,thump. It’s an age thing :slight_smile: But I do remember feeling at home because of the rain :slight_smile:

I hope you get back in the air soon :slight_smile:

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Hi Jogport, We spent a week in our caravan at Huntly a couple of weeks ago, the weather was good :slight_smile:

Hi Harmchar, It has stopped raining here now but still dull. According to the Angus Council website no drones in public parks and I don’t feel like travelling very far. Maybe next week :slight_smile:

Hi Bill, Welcome to the forum. Ur sure to get plenty of help here and good advice. I’m from Aberdeen and the weather is hit or miss as always. Great photography opportunities abound with a drone. Look forward to seeing the results… What drone did you go for ?

Hi Cheenix, I purchased the Holy Stone HS720 4K. It’s brighter here now so I think I will go outside and set it all up. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Good luck & safe flying