Hello from Greater Manchester Post Covid-19

Hi Everyone,
recently moved to the UK before covid-19 hit, new flyer here!!

Any pilots in Lancashire that can provide any good areas for my maiden flight?

Are there any female pilots out here?


Hi there, Talia/@njnow02, and welcome to GADC.

Female members are few and far between, but there is one new female meber that I know is also from your part of the world.
Pinging @Mercy


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Hey OzoneVibe,

Yes, it’s true that female pilots are few and far between as you say but its great to hear there is another lady pilot in my area!

Chat soon!


Hello👋 welcome to the club😀 I’m fairly new here too.

Hey HazzarUK! :wave:
Glad theres new people here as well.

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Welcome @njnow02 there are quite a few pilots in GADC in your area. I’m in Sale. Happy to help if nobody else pops up, but I’m away until next weekend.

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Hey @kvetner! Thats great, I’m in Bolton so not terribly far away.
This coming weekend isn’t great for me either but happy to fly about in two weeks time if you’re up for one as well.

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Hi Talia and welcome to GADC.

Welcome Talia @njnow02
Plenty of places around Bolton to fly.
I meet up with Jeff @sparkman999 occasionally, he is from Bolton
Will drop you a line next time we are meeting up

Hi and Welcome from Stoke

Welcome to the club Talia :handshake:

Welcome :grin:

Welcome from Chorley.
Please Add your name to the members map, us northerners are finally taking over the joint

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Rivington is the place to fly near Bolton.
I’m up for a meet up , the more the merrier @njnow02, @Mercy @kvetner, @PingSpike etc


Hi Talia and welcome, new-ish member here too. I’m from Bury.

I’m always on the look out for good spots too, I’ve done all the usual places-Lakes/Blackpool/Pendle Hill etc etc but always open to sugfgestions!

Hoping the weather improves soon :slight_smile:

All the best

I’m up for a meet. I tend to work early mornings till around dinner tho.

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I could potentially meet mid week in this region I cover All of Greater Manchester with work so could justify a trip :smirk:

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Evenings are all I can do at the moment.
The place we flew at the previous meet is perfect on a weekend at dawn but full of teenagers in the evening during the week.