Hello from Leamington Spa

Hi there, been flying for a while at newbold comyn. Looking for new sites in the local area as I understand Warwick racecourse is a no go for drones.

Hi Mikey.

Warwick council is an odd one. I come under north Warwickshire but my local park is maintained by Warwick county council who say drone flights are not permitted there.

There is however this statement in regards filming and drones in public. It’s a little outdated to not include the new rules but since it accurately quotes the existing rules you would assume if they were to review policy then <250g CAA rules would apply. Note the phase ‘without permission’


Further confusion is added when you review the policy for parks which contradicts the above which is probably what you’ve come across.


Lastly there’s also the legendary Simon Hawkins and his mass FOI requests to councils. Below is a link that covers the county and borough councils replies.

In short. Use the drone code. Don’t take off and land where you think you can’t. Don’t bother asking for permission. Seek forgiveness and plead ignorance and if necessary throw back their own confusing rules at them and ask them to update them.

On a side note if you use Instagram give Warwickshiredrone a follow for some inspiration. Login • Instagram

Chesterton windmill and Broadway tower are certainly on my to do list but as it’s quite a trek and I enjoy sleeping then I was hoping I’d be able to get up early one day this week for a sunrise when it’s quiet during a couple of days annual leave but the weather forecast gods are as usual not looking in my favour.

Enjoy flying.

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Welcome once again!

Ring the council tomorrow and get the Racecourse clarified once and for all is the best bet.

“In summary a person can fly a surveillance drone that weighs less than 20kg without permission as long as:”

Well that’s not inflammatory :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:t2:

Thank you, definitely looking at Chesterton. Still having fun at newbold, but just fancy somewhere else. Hopefully be able to meet up with other members in my local area.

I’ve flown chesterton windmill I took off from the lay by at the gate as that’s a public right of way :+1:t2: the farmer who owns the land that the windmill is on is completely anti drone so don’t even bother trying to ask for permission because I’ll save you the time the answer is no lol

But he can’t stop you flying over to the windmill :+1:t2: