Hello from Leeds!

Welcome to the group!

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Went on Drone Assist. Looks like ALL of Leeds has a great big red overlay. According to Drone Scene this is Class D airspace and according to NATS, Class D is “Class D airspace is for IFR and VFR flying. An ATC clearance is needed and compliance with ATC instructions is mandatory”

Does this mean you cannot fly within Leeds at any of the parks, even if you comply to Drone Code?

Switch off Class D. It’s useful information to have - but we can fly within it up to our maximum 400ft ceiling.


Ace, I’ll do that and fly with confidence, if not without skill!

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This, from the /about page on Drone Scene, may also help re understanding of Class D:

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Cheers @PingSpike! Will have a good read

Hi Alastair welcome to the forum not to Far away from you Chapel Allerton Give me a bell sometime could go flying but I am busy for next 5 week’s


Nice one, that’d be brilliant! Would welcome any flying tips. I’ll give you a shout in a few weeks to plan something.

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