Hello from LND

Hi everybody

Thank you so much to invite me here from MavicPilots… let’s make our drone life better… :grinning:
I’m based in London, so kinda hard to do anything here, usually i travel a lot to take my baby for a walk in the air! :relaxed:

Have fun everyone!


Hi Zsolt, welcome to GADC. :grinning:

Welcome from the Midlands Zsolt.

Welcome from t’up nort’ there @ZKelemen

Where abouts in London? I was born 'n bred in Wimbledon, all the family are still in London too!

Welcome to the site.

I’m just outside London, right on the border in the Southeast. Which part of London you in?

I’m in Southeast too (Bromley)… :slight_smile:

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Facebook fly close to me, I’m in Welling.

Eh? Facebook are out flying drones?!

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Auto correct gone mad, should say fairly close.

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LOL :smiley: