Hello from London

Hi my name is James I love flying g drones. I’ve posted a question in where can I fly

Hi James / @Jel1983, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

Quite a few of our members also own the Spark … so you are amongst good company.

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Welcome aboard!

Hi James
Am based near Watford, NW London. We’ve done a few meets with other Southerners as LHR and other airspace restrictions can make it tricky to find a quiet place to practice. Welcome to the forum… Good bunch :+1:

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I am near Harrow. Where in Watford do you fly? Based on my research All parks in Watford in and around Watford their bylaws prohibit drones

I’m based in Chorleywood. We’ve been flying around Little Chalfont, Latimer and Rickmansworth.

Do you have field you use because three rivers council told me no drone on their land

Bucks is more forgiving but I’d never trust what someone sat on a switchboard at three Rivers has to say… I’ve lived here for over 20 years and could recount literally dozens of occasions when the person i first spoke to, didn’t have a clue.

Find a large public playing field, look for signs, check NATS, turn up early morning and avoid the dog walkers. Also, taking off from a public footpath and flying over fields is generally acceptable. You have to always comply with drone code plus make sure you have retrieval rights in case you need to land in a hurry.

Hi guys. A couple of us here also Watford based, would be good to have a get together some time and seek out / make use of any accessable areas near by need to get some practice in!


Good luck with that Nathan,
Sounds a brilliant idea. I hope it works out!

Hi Nathan / @Zyborgmonkey, and welcome to GADC! :+1:

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us something about yourself. :ok_hand:

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Really happy to organise a meet. Several options. Let me know what you want to do. Which drones, competency levels, numbers etc. Water, land buildings etc :+1:. @MiMo28 @nigeljohnson73 fyi

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