Hello from Newcastle

Hello all

New member from Newcastle. Called George, 21 years old. Mavic pro user.

Work as a freelance camera operator, but can’t yet use the drone for work.

Looking into getting my license so any help towards that is welcome.


George :slight_smile:


Hey George, a warm welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us.

You’ll find lots of help here regarding getting qualified. Just ask your questions on that or anything else,

Looking forward to seeing some of your photos and videos.

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You need wait no longer - he’s already posted in the birthday comp. :wink:


Welcome George, it’s a great place to hang around in :+1:

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HI @georgecrerar and welcome to Grey Arrows!

If Barry @m2bfx invited you, then you can’t be all bad eh? :wink:

We’ve a handful of PfCO operators here, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. And we’ve just struck a deal with 3iC Drone Training if you want to check that out too.

George, not sure if you’ve seen it yet but please check out our interactive map of places to fly your drone:

Please feel free to add to it!

Welcome once again mate :+1:

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