Hello from North Cumbria

Hi all. I have just joined today after being interested in drones for a while now. I have only got a cheap starter drone (Eachine E511s) to get going but I hope, if I get the hang of flying it, to progress onto something a bit better. I really love the idea of aerial photography, so if anyone has any suggestions about what drones to move onto (that won’t break the bank) I would be pleased to hear them. I am also looking for any interesting location ideas for flying here near Carlisle. At the moment it is just the local fields!

Cheers Chris

Welcome Chris.
Learn to fly well then. It’s all practice. You’ll get the hang of it.
You’ll find a good friendly bunch here mate. All questions answered.

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Thanks mate. Practice it is. I only hope this weather holds out now!

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Hi Chris and welcome to GADC.


Welcome, I am in Carlisle. I fly a phantom 3 standard. mainly fly my drone in the lakes, while fell walking.
Targeting arrow on the Solway marshes

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Hi. Thanks. I’m keen to do a bit of flying in the lakes once I have got used to the drone. Just need calm conditions though which for the lake District can be very hit or miss!

Thats the problem in the lakes. it can be calm, but as you walk up the fells, it can be blowing a gale. Many a time, taken my drone up, but too windy to fly on top.

Bitts park behind the castle is a good place to fly in the centre of Carlisle. Many people fly their drones there.

Thanks mate. Nice one. Never really thought about flying in the city. Probably try that out when I can over the next couple of weeks. Some nice footage on your link.