Hello from North Hampshire

Hi EveryoneJ
Just ventured into the drone world with the purchase of a Mavic 2 Pro. Had to wait about 3 weeks to get it because of supply problems but very pleased with the service at Phantom Flight School. I had my first flight last week before the rain and wind started and all went well. Looking forward to perhaps getting out tomorrow. I am a keen still photographer and bought the drone to broaden my photographic horizons but video is very new to me. A lot to learn!


Hello and welcome to the madhouse pull up a chair and listen the buzz
Lucky you with the new MP2 look forward to your photos and videos because you will want to video as well I I can assure you

Don’t be afraid to ask a question we don’t know everything but together we can find out and learn

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Hi @Harbrimar
Welcome to GADC ! , As Jeff has said, welcome to our “Madhouse”,
Not really !, joking aside ,we are a bunch of like minded Drone Flyers
who are based here in the UK, who love the freedom of being able to share our problems with each other, arrange “Meet Ups” in various locations around the UK.
Most of us are “Grey Haired Ole Farts” (with respect to others!) with a lot of experience in all sorts of RC Flying.
Pull up a chair, ask questions to just about anything to do with Drones, and I am sure somebody will chirp in with a answer to your questions, no matter how silly you may think the problem is !.

Hello & welcome.

Welcome to the boards. Id recommend joining a local model club or arrange to go flying with someone with a drone from the boards local to yourself. Those first few flights can be a little nerve-racking solo. Whatever you decide, fly safe.

Welcome to GADC @Harbrimar. South Hampshire/ Sussex Border here.

Like you I bought my Mavic Air for the still photography aspect and I am still learning a lot about videography - but the are a lot of great people here who are more than happy to offer advice and guidance

Thanks to all for making me feel welcome and I am too ‘a grey haired old fart’ although the grey hair is fighting a losing battle! I did look into joining a model flying club but I don’t think there are any near me and apart from that how welcoming are they if I was to turn up with my drone? The nearest members to me (looking at the map) are @Brianb and @FIREFOX. Happy to meet up at a convenient location. Still looking around my area for suitable locations.


Hi @Harbrimar and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

As @sparkman999 said, don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’re a very helpful bunch on here!

Ohhhhhhh I see what you did there :rofl:

There are a couple more in South Hampshire and we have talked a few times about meeting up - just need to get our act together! At this rate we could have a Hampshire group!

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Hi Brian
it would be great if we could all get together. I’m fairly flexible with availability as I am now retired. Away next week but after that fairly free.
Best regards


Hi Brian (Theres a lot of Brians on here!)

I am between jobs as well at the moment which means I am flexible too. I will put something on the meet up topic thread to see what we can arrange


I think there should be The Life of Brian thread just for the hell of it :laughing:

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Or life of Brian’s seeing as there’s more than one

And lets not get into Highlander “there can be only one”

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Wasn’t there four Brians in the Highlander (Cullen, Wallace, Ainsley & Donlevy)? Any way, here Highlander Brian clearing snow Brian the Highlander - YouTube

You’ve to much time on your hands

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Hi @Harbrimar!
Welcome to GADC.

I’m based pretty much at Southampton Airport.

As per the other thread, hopefully a Hampshire meetup sometime. :+1: