Hello from Preston

Hi everyone, just been invited over from mavic pilots forum. Bought the air a few days ago but not flown it yet. Had a cheerson cx20 for a while but not used it in ages. Spent a while deciding between spark and mavic pro but couldn’t make my mind up and then the air came out so I scored a fly more last weekend when currys were doing a 10% discount on drones.



Hi Graham, welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the friendliest, most helpful Drone forum. Another NW UK member - woohoo!

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welcome Graham. Enjoy your new drone.

Plenty of info an Air pilots on the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Just need the weather

Welcome Grim168

As for not flying yet, snow is white and cold but looks good
so long as when you take off its not to deep you should be good

Batteries tend to deplete quicker in the cold, so be mindful :slight_smile:

PROVIDED the batteries are kept nice and warm before flight, I’ve noticed little difference.
The power used in flying seems to keep their internals at a suitable temperature.
Of course, if it was much colder than we’ve had recently, there’s a limit as to how much the flying will prevent the battery temp dropping.
Yesterday it was -7C where I was flying … and it was windy! … so it was me that depleted first, getting back into the car for some warmth!

Its that bloody windy at the moment I’d rather not risk it!

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Ditto - 25mph wind with 44mph gusts … :frowning:

Hi @grim168 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Not a drone I’m familiar with so I went to Google. I thought I’d typed something in wrong as all the results were pictures of the DJI Phantom. Turns out my eyes were wrong :rofl:

What’s it like to fly? and compared to the Air?

Wild out there eh?? Hopefully it’ll clear by the weekend.

Welcome once again :+1: