Hello from Scotland

Hey Everyone,

Just been sent this link by Rich. Thanks for the invite.

I’m based in Paisley scotland within a NFZ (Glasgow airport)

I’m pretty new to drones, had a gopro karma but recently made the switch to DJI Mavic Air. Due to arrive Monday/Tuesday.

Talk to you all soon!


Hi! … and welcome!

Welcome to the forum mate.

I’m from ayrshire.

Hi and welcome, nice play to be for flying.


Yeah, hoping to get some great scenic shots of Scotland over the coming months.

Hi @roberoo, a very warm welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us - and joining the ranks of Mavic owners. Let us know how you get on with the Air and if you have any questions, just ask. :slight_smile:

Hi there @roberoo and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Uh-oh :frowning:

How far do you have to drive before you can fly??

Great choice :wink:

So you mean Monday as in today?? Or next Monday??

Welcome once again :+1:

Welcome mate I’m in Cumbernauld


I only have to drive a few miles. It’s not too bad.
I prefer shooting in the open countryside anyways. Safer! My first drone went mental once and flew away at high speed (karma GoPro)
At that point though GoPro acknowledged a software fault and replaced for free.

Recently sold the replacement and bought the Mavic Air (arrived yesterday)

I have much more confidence with DJI than GoPro!

Wish me luck!

Awesome. Where do you usually fly?