Hello from sunny Berkshire

I’m James, and I’m new to drones, I’ve had a Mavic Air for about two weeks and am having a great time using it as a photo/video platform and also just throwing it around in sports mode :slight_smile:

In the past I flew RC helis (Trex 450, Trex 500), and up until about 15 or so years ago I flew light aircraft so am very familiar with CAA regulations, pilot’s weather, importance of proper pre-flighting an aircraft (even “just” a UAV), and so on.


Hi James, welcome to the forum.

I am new here too. The folks here are very helpful. Welcome.

Welcome! Only been here a week myself :slight_smile: its a really friendly forum James! Ive also just got the Mavic Air and am loving it (but not this crappy weather!).

Welcome to the forum James. I am Ram from Bucks. Hope you have a good time with your drone.

Hi @MadParrot and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Quite a few Mavic Air owners here so don’t be afraid to ask questions, they’re a friendly, helpful bunch alright :+1:

What was the Trex 500 like to fly? Did it cope ok in high winds?

Welcome once again :slight_smile:

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Both the Trex 450 and Trex 500 were fine in high winds - so long as they were pointed into wind for takeoff and landing. Like all “proper” :wink: RC helicopters they are massively overpowered so it’s more a case of how good is the pilot!

Edited to add: The Mavic Air I’m now flying is very good at coping with high and gusty winds. Today looks nice and clear, the first two flights were each nice and easy with gentle winds… the third flight was much more interesting as a Cb (cumulo nimbus) made an appearance; I simultaneously got “high wind” and “attitude too large” warnings, the helipad tried to fly away (it was staked down). I brought the MA back; it was distinctly leaning into wind on the approach and in the hover, yet it maintained position within about 2’. Most impressive!


Hi James welcome to the Forum. I have had the Air for a couple of months, photography is my main hobby too.

I have had one major scare with the Air and it was in the snow. I didn’t check for satellites and there was a zero oops. It took off in Sports Mode Speed and crashed 45 yards across the road in 5 feet of snow. I used find my drone replaced 2 props and it was as good as new. I probably needed that wake up call. So i am Mr careful now all pre flight checks done I have a wee list.

Anyway all the best I love the Air WeeAirDrone - YouTube

robmacom -is your wee preflight check list online? If not can you share it? Thanks in antici…pation!

There’s a checklist from @Dieselwind available here @MadParrot, might be of use / interest:


Excellent, thank you! I will be slightly modifying for my own use as I’ve got a Mavic Air.

I’ll also change it to conform to BMAA recommendations of controller power on before aircraft power.

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@MadParrot Welcome aboard… Im pretty sure from my old RC days, always TX, then RX… as long as you had the “peg”…

Hi James. Welcome to GADC, very good to have you with us. I’m just over the border from you in less-than sunny Surrey. Which part of Berkshire are you in and, more importantly, have you found any decent places to fly? Flying spots are at a premium here in the south so new locations are always welcome. Hope you’re enjoying your Mavic Air. Don’t forget if you have any questions we probably have answers. :slight_smile:

Hi Londroner!

I’m in Bracknell and so far have found three parks in and around Bracknell that are suitable for drone flying. One of them is actually an enclosed basketball court on the edge of a large field so no one can get near me when I’m launching and retrieving the drone. Takeoffs and approaches have to be planned due to the 3m high wire fence but that’s fine by me.

One of the other places is a fairly popular place for drone flyers at lunchtime - however there are some people who are currently using it as the launch point for seeing how far they can fly their drones without losing signal - which means flying them out of LOS over housing estates and the town centre, and the local authorities are aware of this so I can see them clamping down :frowning: These same people are seeing how high they can fly before losing signal… idiots! Bracknell is often overflow by light aircraft at about 1700’ heading towards White Waltham, and their drones are a hazard. I used to fly light aircraft from White Waltham so I’m very aware of just how high the light aircraft are.

Another place is a very large open area on the edge of the Jennet’s park housing estate; there are some dogwalkers but I haven’t had any issues at all… so far…

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Thanks, @MadParrot, great to hear you’ve found so much space for flying. I know Bracknell so I think a trip over there is in my not-too-distant-future. :slight_smile:

Hi @MadParrot, i live in Bracknell, and it seems very limited for places to fly. Where in the large field with an enclosed basketball court?