Hello from the Fens


Let me know when you are next this way, and we’ll arrange a meet up.
Or if I see a decent days weather coming up, i’ll be in touch to see if we can get together sooner.
A couple of hours, and that should sort you out.


Cheers Paul, yeah, those Fen fences eh?:rofl:


Thanks for the welcome :+1: got the Mavic Air now. So many ways to build a small boat, very do-able unless you want to go down the carvel or clinker route.


Thanks PingSpike :+1:


Thanks MementoMori :+1:


Hi and welcome Rob from a fellow Mavic Air Flyer.

One of the GADC Members, @ianinlondon as a great set of video for beginners and a lot of them cover the Air


Thankyou Chris, as far as I’m concerned asap to get my drone up n running so very flexible to meet-up. I’m also hoping my Huawei Mate20 Lite phone is up to the job-up?


@Rob In the meantime as this is a new Air it would be worth updating the firmware for the craft and possibly the batteries. If you have a laptop/PC/Mac download DJI Assistant 2 Once installed attach the Air via USB, turn it on, and it should detect the firmware you have and update it to the latest. Once updated turn off the Air and turn on again to confirm. If the battery firmware needs updating you will have to do this for every additional battery that you have.


Chris love a meet up but Feb is out as wife having op and I cannot be a nursing flyer!!!