Hello from the Fens


First time drone owner, Mavic Air & totally clueless. Unable to get started because I am a complete duffer with tech stuff ( retired boat builder ). Joining your group of tech savvy enthusiats in the hope that you guys can help advance me upwards :+1: Many thanks. Rob


Hi Rob welcome to this madhouse we call home
Have you flow it yet?
Ok weather may be an issue…
If you have did you find your neck sore looking at the screen and the drone trying to make sure it doesn’t fly away also no one is looking and going to come up and tell you take that down …
Well we have al been there
If you haven’t try you tube for some help try @ianinlondon he has a great channel with tips for new users and different drones plus he is a member here link below
Dependant on where you live members can come along and help you get to know your drone and any fears you may have
Once again welcome the admin will be along with some things you will need to fill in about yourself and where you live


Hi Rob, and welcome to GADC.
Where about’s are you in the Fens?, it covers a lot of area !.
Just be very wary of No Fly Zones (NFZ) get armed on your phone with Apps like: “Nats Drone Assist”, “Google Maps” (and cache the area you intend to fly in) “UAV Forecast”, “FlightRadar24” (shows Live Commercial aircraft), “HDSync” (records all your flight data, and maps)
I am based in Norwich, not so far from your area.
Always welcome to tag along on a Meet, at anytime we are going on a fly around.
I was in Spalding not so long back, found a great place to fly, right next to the river.
As Jeff has suggested, get familiar with your drone and it’s controls,without going to far away at first.
and study as many Youtube Videos as you can, they are always invaluable in your learning road to droning.
Feel free to contact me, or any of our members for any advice you may want.
Once again, a big welcome !.


I would also suggest that you learn how to slow down your Yaw Rate and Gimbal speed, and any other setting that you may require.
It will make your Videos more Cinematic, and stop sudden ,fast movements as you fly.


Hi @Rob, and welcome to GADC.

There quite a number of Mavic Air owners on the forum, so you are amongst good company, and plenty of knowledge to answer any questions you may have, that can be posted on #questions-and-answers . :+1:

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. Whilst not every member has added themselves, I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi that may also have ideas on locations.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown. This doesn’t mean that all these places can still be flown, but hopefully gives you some ideas to pursue.


The Fens? I thought that was what my wife leans on when gossiping talking to the neighbours :wink:
Lots of us have the Mavic Air, no such thing as a stupid question so ask away if you need to. Welcome Rob


I want to build a boat. Just a small one.
But really. Buy a cheap drone from tesco or b and m, or gearbest etc Learn to fly without the gizmos. They can take a crash or three.


Hi @Rob and welcome to Grey Arrows mate :smiley:


Hello and welcome Rob.


Many thanks for the welcome sparkman999, as yet no flights. Brand new Mavic Air & brand new smart phone which my son gave me so two elements I have never used before & it shows. The Go4 app I have downloaded more than once but it is not in accord with the drone so I I am well & truly grounded. To confound things even more the DJI site keeps telling me my password is not recognised??? Meanwhile I have been studying a ton of youtube tutorial vids but unable to put theory to practice. I need to clean the slate & start from scratch so my hope is that I can hook-up with someone who can do a hands-on set-up for me. It’s a big ask I know but thinking positive.


Where abouts are you based?.
And what sort of phone is it? Make, model,etc, it may not be compatible.


Thanks Chris. I am near Wisbech, Cambs. My son lives near Acle so I am in that direction most months. I am struggling to get going as I am not tech savvy so completely lost in the maze, unable to even download the Go4 app for the Mavic Air. However, with help the fog will clear. Wish me luck👍


Wisbech based. The phone is a brand new Huawei Mate20 Lite. I have seen Huawei on the list of compatable phones.


I’m not too far away from there, over at Caister


Hello Ozone & thanks for the welcome. You have no idea how bad I am at operating/understanding tech, I still cannot work out how to pin my location to the members map ( don’t laugh :rofl:) so a drone & all it entails is quite a battle which has me beat atm!


I have a great spot ,not far from Acle.
Also one of our members @Manty lives near Mildenhall, perhaps he and I could arrange a meet, I have been promising to meet up with him for a while now, we can also give you a bit of a lead in on your drone.
Or, if you are at your sons in the not to distant future I can meet up with you, to set your drone up for you.
I am pretty flexible with my time these days, and do not work now, as I have just retired.


Show off


Jealousy Jeff, gets you everywhere!


Brilliant Chris. I too am retired so time is flexible also. I will be so grateful for a kick-start so yes, I’ll take your offer. Ditto with the " Yippee" :+1:


Check this list Rob