Hello from the Highlands

Hello everyone. Thought i would do a brief introduction. I’m Eoghan and live in Saltburn on the shore of the Cromarty Firth in the Highlands. I just taken ownership of a MA2 and have received my flyer and operators IDs. but I am yet to obtain the A2 CofC cert so flying will be a smidge restrictive. I am a full time photographer and I’m intending to use the drone to capture landscapes from a different angle.

I’ve downloaded several drone apps and checked out the dronescene map. I was a bit surprised to see that the majority of the highlands is restricted. but if I am reading it right, common sense applies if I want to fly within that area…

Anyway, looks like this is a great forum to be apart of, and plenty of reading to be done… All the best



Hello from Aberdeenshire, I noticed that the Highlands were coloured in a lot! I’m still reading up and working things out.


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What part of the Highlands are you looking at?

Might be a silly answer but I was looking at all of the highlands…

What restrictions are you seeing then? Have you checked out Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene


Yeap, I’ve checked out DroneScene and have added a screengrab with all of the Airspace overlays enabled… a vast swathe of the highlands is restricted, from what I can gather due to the MOD using it as its practise area…

I thought the Highland restricted area was only active if there was a specific NOTAM in place to activate it. I could be talking rubbish though. Pretty sure this was discussed in another thread, worth doing a search.

Here you go - Flying in the Highlands of Scotland? - Where to fly your drone in the UK - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK