Hello from the North West Coast

Hi I’m Boblyn from the NW of England. I am fully registered and fly a DJI Phantom 3 Std although tbh I have not had too much chance to use it as wherever we go there seems to be restrictions so any help as to where I can legally use it would be helpful.


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Hi Robert, Welcome :smiley:

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Hi @Boblyn, welcome. I live in Litherland and work in Hightown nr Formby. The only real FRZ in our area are RAF Woodvale and Liverpool Airport further north we have Warton and a couple of other airfields.

The Sefton coastline itself is an SSSI so automatically comes with a drone flight restriction as all SSSI’s do, however I would challenge this personally as the SSSI is awarded due to flora, forna and natterjack toads none of which would be disturbed by a drone flight (assuming one watches where they step) i fly along the coastline regularly and have only been challenged once and even this was on Twitter but they went away d some scrutiny to their “policy”

As mentioned above jump on Dronescene and have a look around, it’s a great piece of kit :ok_hand:

@TonyDM there is a SSSI not far from here, Mawbray on the Solway Estuary, it is also listed for the rare Natterjacks and the Flora. I tend to keep away from it at certain times of the year because it also attracts migratory birds, some for breeding, others to migrate here for the winter. I was told this is common at SSSI’s so I tend to go in the opposite direction when using my drone.

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Went up to Scotland for our sons belated ‘stag do’ and took my drone with me and tbh never got chance to use it although one of the group had a small drone, sorry but I don’t know which one but it was expensive, and took some incredible shots whether legally I dont know but one was following their car up the Applecross pass it was amazing. It was like our summer holidays we have a touring caravan and went to Devon but couldn’t use it as it was within distance of an army training area so the maps I have been directed to will hopefully help. Saying that the last time I used it properly I took some great shots only to find that I had not pressed record on my phone. Cest le vie. Many thanks for the welcome.

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Thank you.