Hello from Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Hi All, I am Chris (Maikiro) form Wakefield.
Just bought a DJI Mini 2. Done my Flyer & Operator ID’s and now looking to do A2 CofC Qual.


Hi there

Welcome to GADC Chris :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks all,
Hoping once Covid buggers off we can have a meeting for Yorkshire or other area’s. :slight_smile:


Hey up @Maikiro and welcome to DJI.

Not a million miles from you, just inside North Yorkshire, although I’m a Leeds lad (although it does say Wakey on my passport and birth certificate)

There are quite a few of us in the area and in better times we meet regularly.

In the meantime check out our very own DroneScene for all the pre flight planning tools you’ll ever need as well as member added places to fly.

@milkmanchris, Thank for that, already got it bookmarked. :slight_smile:

Hi from Normanton … just up the rd…


Hi Chris, I.too have a mini 2, Interested to know why you want to do the A2 cofc with the mini 2 as it comes under most restrictions, guess your looking to upgrade soon or looking for commercial work? Love the mini 2 by the way!

@Davo, Just fancy doing something more than playing around. Start off small and work my way up.