Hello from Wolverhampton

Alright guys, PingSpike invited me over here. Hoping to get involved and help out where I can.

From and live in Wolverhampton. Spend quite a bit of time in Berlin. Hoping to move to Iceland in March/April next year if money continues to flow in the right direction.
CAA PfCO holder since 2012.
When I’m not flying I work backstage at a theatre. I enjoy coffee, but enjoy silently judging the people that walk by the local cafe window more. Staring out, sucking my cappuccino through a straw, believing I’m better than them. Oh, what a life.

Hope this place continues to grow! Should be good.


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Welcome @Blacksails mate :+1:

I’m on a recruiting mission lol, please do spread the word of our new club to other pilots!

I work in IT for a living, I think it’s a requirement to be addicted to caffeine :smiley:

Lol, mine’s quite the opposite. I work from home, so mine mainly comes from a Dolce Gusto machine in the kitchen where I get to drink it out of a mug while staring at thousands of lines of software code looking for a sodding bug :roll_eyes:

I’ve had a look at your site, there’s some great photos on there!

Can I ask what prompted the Mavic purchase if you already have an Inspire? Was it just the whole portability thing? (which is what sold me on it)

Again, welcome mate :slight_smile:

I drink it constantly. Any form. I’m no snob. There’s a dolce gusto machine at the theatre that I use often. Normally just drink it black from a French press at home though.

Thanks, the site is still being worked on but it’s getting there!

The Inspire is ace, like truly ace. I’d love an Inspire 2 but can’t justify it at the moment. Image quality between the X5S and my X5R isn’t enough to swing it… I think the only reason I want one is for things such as tripod mode, but then I always end up flying in Atti anyway.

Got the mavic simply so that I could take it with me everywhere. There have been so many occasions I’ve gone “damn, I wish I had the Inspire here” and now, I don’t have to worry about that with the mavic. Image quality is a tad bit disappointing but hey it’s a small sensor, and you know what they say “The best camera is the one you have with you”. The Inspire in its hard case with 11 batteries, two transmitters, a camera, lenses and 2 iPads gets heavy if you move it any more than 3 feet. It really isn’t portable.

The mavic is ace. I love it. Just wish image quality was a bit higher, but for the size of that camera and gimbal, what it does already is amazing. I’m just wishing.

…I’m also a lot braver with the mavic.

Welcome @Blacksails!

Hmm, coffee addict and drone pilot - sounds like the perfect combination. :wink:

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