Hello I'm new here!

Hey people,

I have just finished building my first quad a few days ago and have been learning to fly it. I love freestyle FPV and will be practicing and hopefully filming some sick footage when I learn to fly a bit better :smile:.

Here is a picture of my first build:

Just coming here to introduce myself. Also if anyone is located around Wrexham or Cardiff give a shout because I don’t know anyone who is into FPV around here.




So I can see you shop at the excellent unmannedtech :+1:my fave shop!

I can also see ethix props. What’s the rest of the build?


Its a Xilo 5" kit. Phreakstyle frame, Xilo Stealth 2206 motors, their F4 FC and BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC, Xilo Stax 5.8GHz VTX and a Caddx Turbo FPV camera. I’m liking it a lot so far. Haven’t tried the Ethix props yet, have been using Lumenier Gatebreaker props that came with the kit. Absolutely destroyed the first set out of 3 I had in the first few days so ordered a bunch of props :sweat_smile:

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How’s it going? Got any footage to post?