Hello - Newbie Here

Hi. Newbie here. I had a spark but returned it to the shop. I liked it but battery was an issue for me. Looking at the mavic as my next option. Thoughts and best deals?

Looking to drone for the East Miss!


Hi Damo, welcome to GADC. God to have you with us.

Sorry to hear about your experiences with the Spark. There are a great many deals out there on the Mavic Pro but, as most owners will tell you, going for the cheapest in not necessarily the best move.

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Agreed. I want the fly more combo for the extras. Found as cheap as £1070 on a couple of UK sites however a bit dubious…

Welcome Damo,

Yeah, there are some deals out there and some that appear to be from the UK but actually come from China.

In the end I purchased through Amazon from Scan computers, who I know to be a reputable company (years of buying PC hardware etc from them).

So for peace of mind, I plumbed for paying the sum of £1349 for the flymore bundle.

Of course, I have spent a small fortune since then on accessories and what-not. But, that’s just me. If I have a bit of spare money in my pocket, it doesn’t seem to stay there for long.

Yes, like @RaRaRasputin I paid full price for my MP by buying it at Halfords. I also paid for DJI Care Refresh. With an expensive piece of kit like this you really don’t want to take any chances.

You’re right to go for the Fly More Combo. it gives you everything you need to go out and fly your drone.

Hey @DamoCool welcome to Grey Arrows!

I had the Spark on pre-order when it was first announced but the more and more reviews I read and the more YouTube vids I watched, the more and more I got cold feet about the specs.

Eventually, while still waiting for my order, I got cold feet after a couple of weeks and cancelled my pre-order completely.

Two hours later I’d ordered the Mavic :smiley:

I bought mine from Argos but via Quidco so I got a few quid back on it :wink:

Bit like @RaRaRasputin though, the after market accessories are still burning a hole in my credit card :roll_eyes:

My only advice if buying from a ‘too good to be true’ outlet would be to use a credit card for some added buyer protection :+1:

Caveat emptor.


Thanks for the welcome! 2 hours! I like your style. I’m still working on the wife that I need this drone!

I’ve found this, any thoughts or experiences?



Seriously mate, be careful.

There is no trace of ‘Pro Camera’ on companies house.

Perhaps even more dubious is the address that’s on their web site.

The address they list is a rented mailbox from Mailbox Rental Cheltenham | Parcel Delivery Cheltenham - Printing and printing services cheltenham

Personally, I wouldn’t give them a tenner, never mind a grand.

Too dodgy for me, I’d avoid shit like that, you don’t need the grief.


I’ve just down some research and indeed one to avoid, another forum having many negative reviews!

If it’s to good to be true it normally is. I’ve been sent a 5% code from DJI today so maybe I’ll order through their website, just hate having to wait.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi and welcome Costco are selling the Fly more combo for £999 + VAT

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They seem to have a custom bundle available too?


Maplin have dropped their flymore combo price to £1273


(Or £974 for the std pack)

Same with Argos, big price cut too:


Any use @DamoCool ?

Cheers guys! I have one reserved however really struggling to persuade the wife I need one especially as I took the spark back having only flown once in a week!!.. :sunglasses:

Tell her its been under the stairs for months… its what i did :joy:

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What’s exactly do you get additional for the Fly More Ckmbo with the mavic?

Is it a battery, charger and car charger plus bag??

Two additional Batteries, (retail from DJI £170)
Car Charger (retail from DJI £46)
Battery Charging Hub (charges up to 4 batteries sequentially) (retail from DJI £39)
Battery to Power Bank Adapter (retail fro mDJI £18)
Shoulder Bag to hold it all (very snuggly) (retail fro mDJI £75)
4 Total sets of propellors (3 extra retail from DJI £24)

Total of above £372

Price difference from Mavic Pro to the Fly More Bundle £260

So, you could save £112