Hello to anyone in Norwich, Norfolk

A big Hi to anyone in and around the Norwich Area.
Contrary to what you may have heard ,we have a vast area of flatland you can fly around (if you look).
I live near Eaton Park, great place to fly, but be wary of Norwich Airport traffic.
Loads of Agricutural land around the area, and even more in the Broads area.
Great places I have flown:
How Hill House ( great scenes of the Broads)
especially at dawn or dusk
Happisburg Lighthouse (great to orbit around)
Cromer, Sheringham, Wells-Next-Sea,
Hunstanton, in fact most of our Coastline is flyable, except the Nature Reserve Areas.
If anyone fancy’s a meet up PM me.

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Hi Chris and a warm welcome to GADC. Really good to have you with us. I envy you your wide open spaces, not many where I am in Surrey. Hope we’ll get to see some of your area in videos or still pics loaded to this forum. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask them.

Hi @chrisjohnbaker and welcome to Grey Arrows!

We’re hoping to organise some meet ups in the spring but please do feel free to organise some of your own before then - who knows what the weather will be doing come April eh :blush:

Thanks for joining us, great to have you on board :+1:

Hello have people meet up around norwich area. If so can i have details as sounds good fun?

Hi @Dougie and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Check out this thread mate:

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Hi Dougie,
Welcome to the most friendly drone forum in the UK !!
I am from Norwich ,together with several other drone flyers, keep an eye on the posts of us locals, we will try and sort out a meet up somewhere.
I live near Eaton Park, Norwich, a great place to buzz around early morning/late evening.
Anytime you fancy a session, let me know !
As several other locals know, I am completely flexible with my time, so message me anytime if you fancy a session !
I have met up with several of the Guys in our area over the last few months (@Papercrane @MikeO, @SaOuGenLa, to name a few !.
And the other week me and @sparkman999 had a great afternoon session at Wells on a perfect day for flying.
Once again ,a big welcome from all the Norfolk Guys !!

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Hi @Dougie and welcome. I’m over Yarmouth way if you fancy a fly along the beaches

Hi all. I look forward to joining you guys soon. I fly a spark. Had it about a month now :slight_smile:


where about’s Dougie are you from in our fair county?

aww i not quite sure how to use this site?? How do i find the messages??

Hi Chrisjohnbaker i come from melton constable. its 20 miles from norwich and close to fakenham and holt.

Hi Dougie, yeah, it get us all at the start!
To refer to someone just add a @ sign followed by the name they are posting as,
then you can just click on the name @chrisjohnbaker and message them from there directly to them

@chrisjonbaker aww ok i only got 1 spark battery i need a couple more very soon lol

How are you finding the Spark Dougie, what sort of range are you getting?, I have a Mavic Pro and the Air (among others !)
Some may call me a drone nerd !, na!, just love the damn things !


Hi Chris. I havent took the drone out to far. I am a bit nervous trying to take it far out. Most I took its out just just over 300 metres. It lost connection and returned home. But range don’t seem that long. However now I set it up with a otg cable but not done a range test with it yet. Any suggestions on getting better range? I own a spark and also the tello (dont laugh) lol. I waiting to get 2 more battery’s for the spark when i can afford to which I hope be soonish.

do you have the hand controller for the spark?
or do you use the phone to control it?
I find a set of the antenna reflectors a good buy (if you have a hand controller)

Hi I use remote yes to control the spark . My phone is a galaxy samsung s6. I connect the remote to my phone usign otg cable now

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Make sure your cable is a very high spec, I use military grade cables to my phone as I have found it does make a lot of difference in signal break up.
Found that out ,at Wells-Next-Sea, when I was with Jeff (@sparkman999)
signal kept breaking up on my Air, changed cable to a better quality, problem solved !

the cable i use one i had for years. i have to use another cable to connect to it. its one like this Micro USB to USB 2.0 Female OTG Adapter Cable Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest. Maybe i should get a better cable. so have u got a link for cable you use?

hang on, will find Amazon link