Help a New Pilot Safely Get of the Ground - Edinburgh

Hello Arrow’s :wave:

My Name Is Chris and I live local to Edinburgh.

I have just got my first drone and I’m looking for some advice to help keep me safe.

Being a new Drone Owner and rather than take my normal approach to things like throwing all caution to the wind I want to take my time to get it right and keep safe even read the manual.

Although when I say new drone owner I did once buy a drone from our local costco, I took this out to a field and was home in around 20 minutes later with just the controller :thinking:

I have a few questions and hope you can help.

I understand that I need to take a test online to get my operators ID and drone registration this seems to be mandatory?
This will be have to be completed before I try to get off the ground.

I live in a street surrounded by detached houses, Can I take off from my back garden and fly so long as I keep to an altitude of 50 meters?

I downloaded the Drone Assist app and My area Comes up as High Risk Airspace controlled Traffic Region CTR Edinburgh

Does this indicate that I am unable to fly in this zone, The Red zone covers a vast area and would mean Id have to travel over 1 hour to be outside the indicated red zone.

Hopeful I may even find some locals to me and be accepted as a Drone buddy.

Many thanks in advance Chris.

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Welcome @Chr1s :wave:t2:

You’re probably looking at Class D airspace, see if you can turn that option off in the settings somewhere.


And/or check out:

Where Class D airspace is off by default :wink:

Hi Ping Spike thanks for the reply.

I have now turned off the Class D setting on the App however the Red area is just the same.
It covers a huge area from my central position.

The view a shared location is not letting me log in using my arrows credentials, It could be that I have only just registered to use the forum :thinking:

How far away from the airport do you live?

Hi :slight_smile:

Google maps indicates I am 12km away from the airport as the crow flies

Hi Chris,

With Class D turned off, the map should look like this.

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Hi SeaHunter :slight_smile:

This looks different from mines.

Hopefully I have managed to attach this :face_with_monocle:

Hi Chris,

Log in to the site below using your GADC username and password.

Zoom in to the Edinburgh area and ensure that Class D Airspace is unchecked as below


Thanks SeaHunter , I have given it a try several times but its not letting me access this part of the forum.

I get the error Error: Incorrect login details. Please enter your existing Grey Arrows username and email address.

I have emailed support but I think it could be due to me being a new member.

SeaHunter can you give me some clarity If i have permission from both neighbors either side to take off and land in my garden so long as I take to an altitude of 50 meters? is this permitted ?

Are you in a ‘congested area’ ?

Hi Milkmanchris :slight_smile:

I live in a street of detached houses.

other than my neighbors either side the next house is over my back fence which would be approximately 50 meters separated by wooded area and a service access road.

Check out the map I linked see if it highlights on there ?

I’m up near Edinburgh this doesn’t seem to cover my area.

Hi Chris, and welcome to GADC we are a friendly bunch of misfits, and Matron will be along a little later with some “light relief”, she is very gentle, but has a thing about Scotsman, so watch out !.LOL


I’ll have a geek for a scottyland variety

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Can I just confirm that you are using your username and email?

No password is required and username field is case sensitive.

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Hi Callum this has been resolved .

Many thanks

It was user error wlEmoticon-smile[1].png



Hi… welcome to the group… I’m also Edinburgh and there are a few others around too… happy if there is anything I can help with :grinning: John

Hi John many thanks nice to find some locals to me.