Help for a beginner - Spare battery for Sentinel 360 drone

Help. Newbie here with a very basic understanding of drones. Got a bog standard sentinel 360 drone. I’m really enjoying it but charge time/run time ratio is awful. Anybody know where I can get spare batteries for it. Scoured Internet with no luck.

Hi Mike and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Not a drone I’m familiar with I’m afraid and a few quick internet searches only show the whole drone for sale, not any spares:

And £99 quid is a bit excessive if you only want a battery :blush:

It is a bit of a problem with most ‘toy’ drones, the flight times are in mere minutes and very frustrating. I think we’ve all gone thro that frustrating time.
You should have some contact details in the packaging, might be worth emailing the manufacturer.
Or contact Smyths toy store and see if they can help because they sell them.
The batteries are usually about 3.7v. It might be you have to buy some from flea bay and ‘make them fit’ somehow.
Sorry I can’t be of greater help, but there are a multitude of these drones which all seem to have slightly different battery shapes and sizes.

I’d look on gearbest and banggood. You might find other brands which take the same battery.

It looks like a 2S 7.4V Lipo inside the casing. You could modify drone to accept standard Lipos but may not be worth the hassle.

Thank you. I will do. I appreciate that this site/forum is for more advanced drones, but been raking my head trying to find spares. Thank you again and have a good new years.


That had crossed my mind as it would give me spares for future repairs. But will search elsewhere first. I had it as a present so, like I said it’s my first venture Into drones, but really been bitten by the bug already.

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Everyone in welcome here mate. We all had to start somewhere.

Is there any part numbers anywhere on the battery casing?

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Ahhh, so you slide the Lipo into the casing.

Ok do you have a close up photo of the connector.

Yeah looks like it, like I said, I’m a newbie and thought f**k it I’ll strip it to have a look.


Ok the connector on right is just a JST balance connector since its a 2S battery.

The main power connector is not something I’ve come across. Usually it’s an XT30 or XT60 but it gives us somewhere to start.

Any markings on the larger connector?

Be really carefull with the connector insulation off like that, you really don’t want to short them out.

@Njoro, Have you came across this connector on a Lipo before mate?

No never, I’d have thought that it’s not CE certified not having any insulation like that, but a bit of heat shrink will cure it.
If the connector on the drone side was changed it would mean an end less supply of cheap 7.4V batteries. :grinning:

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oops missed the picture with insulation.

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Any use to you guys?


are you any good at hacking things?

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