Help for a beginner - Spare battery for Sentinel 360 drone


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What u got In mind?


If you take it apart you could solder JST connectors to facilitate larger capacity batteries of the same size that would fit the battery carrier. Have a look at batteries with the same dimensions on eBay.

I use these connectors a lot for low power batteries.


Am I able to modify batteries which are the same but with different connector?


Here’s an example, as long as you know what you’re doing you can modify any battery.


Will have a look. Cherrs


If you leave out the carrier you’d be able to squeeze in a larger capacity 2s.

Ideally if you swap out the connector on drone and have it on a lead you could use off the shelf 2S Lipos.

Ever soldered before?


No unfortunately. :frowning:


What’s the carrier? Sorry for my ignorance


By carrier I meant the plastic part of the battery you removed to get into the Lipo.

It’s not really needed if you decide to go lead and connector route giving you a little more room.


Without the carrier, the battery would fall out, especially the way I fly. :joy:


Anyone tell me if or how I can change the connectors on tjeese to say a random battery off Internet.




The problem is, it’s the connectors in drone you need to change as you won’t be able to get any more of the type on current battery.

You d also need to have a short lead before connector as you wouldn’t be able to use the same slot in style connection.


It looks like your drone might be a rebranded Vivitar DRC888.

It might help in finding batteries but even the Vivitar ones are hard to find in stock anywhere.


Yes it is. I’ve seen it in YouTube. Hopefully that will help me. Having a nightmare in finding some. Really appreciate all the help I’m having. :+1::+1::+1:


Giving up with this drone, taking it back as its stopped working. Any recommendations for video drone around
£250? Please