Help for a beginner - Spare battery for Sentinel 360 drone


Stick some extra dosh to your pot and buy a REAL drone, maybe a Spark/Air?


I agree, the Mavic air and spark are worth saving up that bit extra for rather than spending up to £250 on something you still won’t be happy with, cos that’d be £250 towards something you’d love to fly and get superb photos and videos from. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent a few hundreds on cheap drones.


What should I be paying for one of those?


You are looking at approx £750 ish for the Mavic Air Fly More Package, but worth the extra !


I appreciate that it would be worth it in long run to splash out that much. But as only just starting, really don’t wanna over spend to soon. What about £500 budget?


probably your best bet with the price you have

But the extra money between this drone and, the Air is worth the extra, as the Air is a superb drone !.
I should add that i am not a salesman, just giving you my opinion on choices that are available to you.


DJI webpage is down at this moment but

This little drone is good for learning and fun, camera is bit ugg (maybe add one?), I’m gonna buy one in the next few days, can be purchased for less than in the link.


How about a secondhand Mavic Pro? There seem to be plenty about and can be found from £500 up.


With a £500 budget I’d look at a Parrot Anafi. There were some good deals leading up to xmas and I can imagine there will be more around early January.

Comparable DJI model would be the Mavic Air which is over your budget.


Or if you don’t mind the size a Phantom 4


I was looking at the anafi nice and quiet but after visiting the drone show in birmingham and saw the Oslo Pocket i went for the pocket and am in the save up for a mavic 2 mode (now how do i say to the wife when she asks where did you get that from and i say “what this old thing” think it will work)


Size not an issue. Charge/run time ratio is important tho. Will check them out.




You are using the same thesis that i do with the wife, Jeff !.
When i got the Mavic 2 Pro out of its bag in Blackpool (and the bag is even much the same as the Mavic Pro, only slightly bigger), she never even noticed it was any different to the Mavic Pro in size.


Do as I do and just tell her, my wife has never had any issues with whatever I buy, she says “It’s your money and if you can afford it, get it”, it helps if you’re honest and buy them gifts though :wink: :laughing:

And as you know, I only have the one :roll_eyes:


what’s this deal like?


Does your nose grow when you say that?




there this anaffi


Ideally you need the flymore package.